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Apr 25, 2008 12:41 PM

Magic Chef Wine Cooler Followup

There was an extensive thread late last year about the Magic Chef wine coolers sold by Home Depot. Now that some time has passed, I was wondering if anyone who had purchased these would be willing to share their thoughts about how they were holding up. Home Depot has been putting these on sale recently and I am curious as to if they are worthwhile.

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  1. Mine is working just fine. No problems of any kind to report.

    1. Mine has been perfect. Quiet, aside from normal fridge sounds, constant and the rack design holds a bigger selection of bottles than the Fridgidaire that I supplemented it with while Home Depot did not carry the Magic Chefs. I'm looking at the 45 bottle version they have now as well. Check out the coupon on for an additional $30 rebate.

      1. Thanks, mengathon and nanoryder! (I guess this is a thread with odd names)

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          One complaint I have re: the MC45, which may be common for all wine fridges. If you have store a lot of champagne like I do, the racks do not accommodate them very well. Each rack is supposed to fit 7 bottles, but I struggle to fit 6 champagnes.

        2. Do not buy anything by this brand. My compresser went after a year and upon researching them found out that these compressers go after about 1-2 years in their brands because they use cheap materials. Mine is going to cost 250.00 to fix. What a waste.