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Apr 25, 2008 12:31 PM

Where Can I Buy a Whole, Decadent Dark Chocolate Layer Cake?

We are coming from out of town for my Mom's birthday and need to order an amazing, dark chocolate layer cake from a North Dallas area bakery (within 20 minutes drive of Richardson/Plano).

We are talking about straight up dark chocolate cake here - rich and moist and very chocolately - it can have filling or not (bonus points for raspberry or nuts) and the icing needs to be dark chocolate-based as well - either real buttercream or ganache (minimal or no cocoa powder, please). No fancy decorations needed, but that's not a problem, either.

Tortes, molten, flourless, and other frilly options backed by personal experience descriptions will be carefully considered but are not what I'm looking for initially.

Where's your favorite?

If it helps and you know Boston, I would recommend Rosie's or Lakota Bakery for this request.

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  1. Stein's Bakery....they can make you what you want....used to be known as Stein's Cake Box...located at intersection of LBJ and Preston Road...972.385.9911 .

    1. I would have to say Central or Motzart in Plano if you have to stay North. If you go a little south then call Sweet Temptations on Skillman about a 1/2 mile south of 635. If you call ahead I am sure they could come up with something more than acceptable.

      Now if you talk about a flourless those are simply so easy and quick to make they are not really worth purchasing.

      1. If there's a Costco in Dallas, nearby, try their chocolate layer cake. Too sinful for Texas and large enough for a horde.

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          The CostCo cakes have their time and place, but in this case it's way too sweet, no dark chocolate (vs. cocoa) option is available as far as I know, and I don't think there's much or possibly any butter in their frosting.

        2. Trulucks makes my favorite chocolate cake on the planet.

          1. La Duni makes some excellent cakes, I'd give them a call.