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Apr 25, 2008 12:09 PM

Yankee vegetarian visiting the Carolina coast...

...Yes, I know, it's a culinary disaster waiting to happen. I'm almost afraid to ask. My husband and I are planning a very informal exploration of the Carolina coast (North and South, but probably mostly South) next month. I've been a vegetarian for about 8 years, and even living in the relatively veggie-unfriendly Midwest, I've rarely had trouble finding good eats during my travels (and I always come prepared with a stockpile of hummus, veggies, and peanut butter just in case).

Generally when traveling I love to be adventurous and I especially love to find unique little restaurants and cafes in unusual locales. I've been reading posts about restaurant recommendations in various North and South Carolina coastal cities, however, and I'm becoming very concerned about whether I'll find anything to eat anywhere! (I do eat dairy and eggs, but no seafood).

Does anyone have recommendations for places along the Carolina coast where we could get a unique, amazing dinner with something more for me than a baked potato and a side salad?

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  1. Don't worry all the local restaurants have cole slaw. :-p

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    1. I don't know of any specific places, but I would bet that Wilmington, NC, and Charleston, SC have some places that would fit the bill. The coast of the Carolinas is pretty seafood oriented, but those two communities have lots of great cafes with good, fresh food, so I'm sure there are some options there.

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        I'm a yankee veg. living in Chapel Hill, NC vegetarian bliss. Your friend for coastal states is and better
        I just checked there are Ethiopian restaurants in Myrtle Beach, Charleston has the fabulous 'Soul Vegetarian' oh my, it's completely vegan and they have bbq, greens, pie. My dad adored it.
        You shouldn't worry at all, the South is very sophisticated, and I have often asked for a pasta dish, etc to be made vegetarian and it is happily done. So relax;-)

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          I just moved to Brooklyn from Chapel Hill, and it is indeed vegetarian bliss. I eat all kinds of meat, but most of my friends didn't. It was so nice to be able to go to Carrburritos and the Spotted Dog, and vegetarian plates at every good restaurant.

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            Thanks so much! This is very helpful. Most people I've talked to who lived/travelled down South laughed at me when I asked about vegetarian friendliness, but I just knew there had to be something - especially in the cities. I'll report back after our trip!

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              the South has a big Asian population, and supports tons of Indian veg. restaurants, and vegetarians and *poof* there's your market. Also don't miss the farmer's markets, the produce here is so fresh and gorgeous.

        2. " Yankee vegetarian visiting the Carolina coast..."

          Bless your heart.

          1. In Wilmington N.C., try Nagila,; Organic Arts Cuisine on Maple off College Road; Genki or Nikki's, both Japanese shops; Big Thai downtown; Jester's Java on Castle near downtown; Deluxe downtown does custom veg plates; Kornerstone Pizza at Porters Neck; Double Happiness Chinese midtown; The Little Dipper fondue downtown (not a chain). I could list more. Lots of vegetarians live in the South.

            1. You guys are tough! In Wilmington you will have plenty of options:

              Laterna: great Med food, specializing in Greek.
              Indochine: all sorts of Asian, tofu an option all around
              Double Happiness: see above
              India Mahal: Indian food, no more to say.
              Banyan Cafe: Pseudo-Cambodian, with plenty of vegetarian options.
              Underground: A few vegetarian options.
              Plenty more...

              If you eat seafood, there are many, many more options for you.

              P.S. Please don't move to Wilmington. There are too many of us here already.

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                Good call on India Mahal and Laterna and Banyan

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                  If you go to
                  and hit veg options it gives you a bunch of places.
                  Most every nicer place has a vegetarian entree at all times or it will have one as a special.
                  My picks would be: