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Apr 25, 2008 11:53 AM

st. clair west

I figure that it is more practical to start a new post than revives posts thagt are 3 years i leave it to you guys to post about all the great places around st. clair/yonge to weston rd.... we've only recently started eating around the neighboorhood, and love it.

Places I've tried and liked:

Rushton (great patio)
Casa de Mariachi (good al pastor tacos)
JLB's takeout counter (good filipino)
The other filipino counter near the Thai resto and travel agent

Need to try:
El Fogon
a thai place (somewhere that is solidly good)
Ellington's (for coffee)
sushi? (are there any that are at least cheap and good cause i still love Japango)
Pho St. Clair (how is the pho here)
another Jamaican place forgot the name
the columbian resto
Pain Perdu
is there that Burmese place near here?
Retro Cafe (the hours are so odd)
Any other good suggestions?
Any cheap, ethnic, or healthy lighter fare is appreciated!

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  1. Alberts is GREAT! I especially recommend the jerk chicken with rice and peas and ask for extra oxtail gravy on top! A true winner!
    Also, Mezzetta used to be very good - middle eastern tapas...yummy! Their prices cannot be beat! I think they even have a night where they have everything on special..
    Fillipo's has a fabulous gnocchi with cream sauce - the best I ever had.
    Hope this helps....

    1. My mom (who lives in that area) reported a great dinner (and brunch) at a new place called Tapas. At least she thinks it was called Tapas (she's really bad with names). She wants me to check it out, but I couldn't find any info online. Anyone know anything about this newcomer?

      Regal Heights Bistro
      The Big Ragu
      La Bruschetta
      Paloma for gelato

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        Yes i think the name is Tapas...the menu looks really good and I've been waiting to try it out but haven't had the chance. I think the website is

        1. re: Rabbit

          Right now, my favourite on st clair west happens to be La bruschetta.
          I've been there numerous times and completely enjoyed myself. Just thinking about the gnocchi is making my mouth water.

        2. You must try Eastern Twist at the corner of Bathurst and St. Clair. It looks like a Subway but their East/West Indian wraps are very good.

          1. I've moved back into the neighbourhood after a 25 year exile and will follow this thread with interest. Couple of questions: Which of the two fish mongers, the Italian or the Greek east of Glenholme is the better, or should I just stroll down to Newport on Dupont; and how are the sangwiches at Miami which used to be a California Sandwich franchise?

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              Enzo is better. He's Sicilian.

              Tapas is the name of the new place (have not tried)
              Regal Heights is very good. My fav is Giovanni & Maria Trattoria, around Arlington IIRC.

            2. Definitely Pain Perdu and La Paloma. Marcello's is good for a casual dinner out.

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                The 'other' Jamaican place is called "Gerry's" and is is pretty good but I still prefer "Albert's".....Apart from the usual fare at Albert's, he makes terrific soup...worth a try if you haven't tried it. Soup is a 'staple' in Jamaica...Pepperpot and Red Pea are among my favourites.