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Apr 25, 2008 11:47 AM

Greek Food Portland ME

Does anyone know if a new Greek restaurant opened in the Portland area? It is supposed to be new and not in the old Port area. Does anyone know about this? How is the food?



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  1. It's called, "Emilitsa," it's on Congress St. about 4 doors east of 555, and it opened in February. I think there are some Chow reviews. I ate there about a month ago, and found it very agreeable: limited menu (thus far), and pricey-er than most typical Greek restaurants. Don't think they have a website up yet. They have a very interesting all-Greek wine list.

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      I ate there about a month ago and was very pleased. We didn't order a whole lot, not being too hungry, but everything was tasty and well prepared: the tzatziki and humous were very good, an eggplant app, too. Their pastitsio is also excellent. I love the decor, very stripped down and elegant, and the wine list is very interesting. They don't do gyro or souvlaki ; evidently, they don't do street food, which is why it's pricier than the typical American Greek place. That said, I found the prices very reasonable. Oh, and the pita! Mmm.