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Apr 25, 2008 11:45 AM

Hispanic grocers on the south side?

Any ideas for a great grocer on the south side for avocado's, pork shoulder/hams/roast/butt, cilantro, and other hispanic ingredients?

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  1. How far south??

    My first answer would be to look for a local Certified grocer.
    In Chicago, pork shoulder, hams, roast, cilantro, and avocado are not relegated to Hispanic markets. You can find all of these at any of the big grocery stores, but you'll probably pay WAAAAAAY too much. The Certisaver grocers, however, sell these at very reasonable prices. I would not be surprised to see pork butt/shoulder < 99c / lb for a sale price; cilatro 3 (or more)bunches for 1.00; avocados at 79c each, or no more than 99c each for large size. Depending on how far south you are, the options might lessen, I don't know.
    Search here:

    Again, it's just for starters, but without knowing WHERE you are ("South side" is pretty vague in such a big city) can't really direct you to anywhere specific.

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      thanks, i found a Treasure Island? would that be good? Oh yeah, it need to be near Wilmette.

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        You may want to change your title line because Wilmette is about as far from the South side as possible.

        1. re: lbs

          Sorry, I got it screwed up- I meant Summit. Any ideas?...

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            The multiple locations of Cermak Produce have an excellent selection of Mexican groceries, produce, and cuts of meat. The closest one to Summit is at 5220 S Pulaski Rd, about 5 miles away. lina's suggestion below of Pete's Fresh Market is another good idea -- there's a location at 4343 S Pulaski Rd, which would be about 6 miles from Summit.

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              You have TONS of GREAT options. TONS.
              For the BIG stores, try Pete's Fresh, Cermak Produce, but, a Tony's might just be closer to you. There's one on Harlem around 79th, and a new "Super" Tony's in North Riverside just south of Harlem and Cermak. You'll be fine. Just fine. PLENTY of options once you get accustomed to your digs.

      2. Pete's, 4700 S. Kedzie and 5724 S Kedzie are big, clean and friendly with lots beautifully arranged fresh produce, including a vast array of chilies, and very good and fresh meat and fish sections.