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Apr 25, 2008 11:33 AM

Downtown Dallas Dinner - special place

i live in Austin, but i'll be in downtown Dallas in a few weeks with my new husband (of 1 week!) for a Saturday night show at the House of Blues. We are adventurous eaters, and love great dining. This will have to be an early dinner because the show starts at 8:ish... and prefer to stay downtown.

i'm open to sitting at the bar if someone could suggest a place with a great bar menu and great Atmosphere. (BTW - no steak houses.) can i get some chowie suggestions??!!!


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    1. Charlie Palmers, Fearings, or any order. All are good.

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      1. re: 8 2 Much

        ?? i wouldn't call Fearing's or Stephan Pyles "downtown"...
        Fearing's is in Uptown, Stephan Pyles is in the Arts District

        -Charlie Palmer's is a good suggestion, somewhat steakhousy, but you can eat sliders in the bar.
        also good and downtown: -Dallas Fish Market.

        if i were going to the House of Blues, i'd go to the nearby Victory Park complex. it's walking distance from House of Blues. it's easy to slag victory park but both -Nove and -N9NE are very good (if slightly expensive).

        still good at Victory Park but cheaper and less formal are -Victory Tavern and -Medina Oven & Bar.

        not as good but still in Victory Park are -Kenichi (Austin branch is better than Dallas) and -La Condesa.

        something unusual and VERY close to HoB is Cafe Rembrandt, with a Dutch-themed menu (as well as other dishes), neat bar, great beer selection, and nice owner

        (i like Craft suggestion from bhoward, too)

        1. re: teegee

          If you don't consider Stephan Pyles downtown, then you have a very unique map that you are using to divide the borders of downtown! Both SP and Fearing's are closer to the HoB than Charlie Palmer's which is probably more relevant than strictly being downtown. The OP wants to avoid steakhouses so why suggest H9NE?

          To get to the question posted, I think either of the three (SP, Fearing's or Charlie Palmer's) would fit the bill. The only restaurant that I would consider in the same class in Victory would be Craft.

      2. Craft, very near HOB, is great, but I would probably lean toward Charlie Palmer which isn't far away, either.