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Apr 25, 2008 10:55 AM

Good food outdoors in Berkeley-Oakland area?

Warmer weather coming, let's hope. Where's the best food outdoors?

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  1. A Cote's patio is so enclosed you aren't really outdoors, and they aren't open at lunch.

    Bay Wolf has a sort of porch.

    Bucci's has a patio off the parking lot.

    Cafe Colucci has somewhat funky sidewalk seating.

    Cafe Rouge has a sort of fenced-off portion of the wide elevated walkway.

    Cesar on Piedmont has a patio a step up from the sidewalk. Cesar on Shattuck opens the front doors on nice days so the front tables feel semi-outdoors.

    Dona Tomas has a nice back patio.

    Eccolo has a small walled-off front patio.

    Jupiter has a huge outdoor area with a pit fireplace, but the food's not great.

    La Note has a back patio.

    Lanesplitter on San Pablo has picnic tables in the back yard.

    O Chame has a walled-off front patio.

    Oliveto has a few tables on the sidewalk. I don't think they ever get sun.

    Triple Rock has a deck upstairs and decent burgers.

    Wat Mongkolratnaram's Sunday lunch is outside.

    Quinn's Lighthouse has a wonderful deck and a great list of eclectic ros├ęs, but the food pretty much sucks.

    Sea Salt's back patio is now semi-enclosed.

    T-Rex has a few tables on the upstairs deck.

    Taqueria San Jose has a side patio.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I am in a quandary whether to reply to the original poster or the first responder. There is outside dining, although limited, in front of the original Gregoire's.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Cock-a-doodle Cafe has a nice back patio.

        Doesn't Pacific Brewing Company have a back patio?

        Cafe Verbena has some outdoor tables.

        Postino has some lovely tables under the porch around its front courtyard/garden.

        Tucker's Ice Cream has both a back patio and seating in the front where they can open up the big windows to the street.

        Otaez on Webster has some tables on a front patio.

        Speisekammer has some tables in their front patio, too.

        Tropix has a back patio.

        As far as I know, all East Bay Barney's locations have back patios, although the food isn't great.

        There's a new brunch place in Alameda that I haven't fully checked out yet that has outdoor seating (stay tuned, I hope to get there and report this weekend).

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          The "Beer Garden" at Pacific Coast Brewing is a little disappointing. It's a covered patio with lattice screening a parking lot with a northern exposure. It is outside however.

          A little bit down the street there's, B restaurant, Ratto's, Caffe 817 and Lavende East that all have table out front.

          1. re: ML8000

            In this immediate area there is also Tamarindo on 8th Street, which has tables on the sidewalk.

          2. re: Ruth Lafler

            Little House Cafe, Alameda (breakfast and lunch daily), Alameda. See report:

          3. re: Robert Lauriston

            Had lunch at La Note yesterday. Their patio might be the nicest place for dining outside in the area. I think everything I've ordered there has been good.

          4. In addition to your list, Pizzaiolo has a back patio for a handful of tables. 900 Grayson has a great back patio, but they're only open for breakfast and lunch (Monday through Saturday). Dopo has tables in the front and along the side of the building, I think the front tables get sun at lunch, the side tables don't.

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              Oh, and Somerset on College has a back patio, and it's okay for brunch (the food is fine, it's just overpriced for what it is). I haven't been for dinner, but there have been some bad reports.

            2. Cafe Leila has nice patio in back with a little fountain and umbrellaed tables. It can get breezy, but if warm and calm, it's really nice. I had the best BLT there ever a couple of weeks ago.

              1. Townhouse in Emeryville has a nice deck; perfect for burgers and beer when its not too foggy.

                1. Ethiopia on Telegraph near Ashby has a back patio. The food is adequate.

                  Ethiopia Restaurant
                  2955 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA

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                  1. re: Joel

                    Duh! I was thinking when I wrote my reply that I still -- after many years -- miss Augusta's, but even thinking that that didn't trigger me remembering that Ethiopia, which took over that location, still has the patio. The food is somewhat better than adequate (although not as refined as Cafe Colucci) -- we had a nice chowdown there about a year ago.

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      Vanessa's Bistro has a semi-open patio in the front. Fonda also has a few outside tables, no?