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Apr 25, 2008 10:36 AM

Metra train stops

With the inflated gas prices (gasp), we thought we'd do some little train trekking. Does anyone have any suggestions for places along the NW train route? We're looking for places in Park Ridge, Edison Park and on toward the city.....

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  1. Well, it's not Edison Park, but less than a mile away from the Irv.
    Pk. NW line stop are 3 good places. Sabatino's on Irv.Pk. just W of the train. Good Italian. McNamara's, nice Irish pub, & it's sister Paddy Mac's on Pulaski, a nice bar that serves good bar food.

    1. Edison Pk has Moretti's which is right across from the train station. Also a good selection of pasta, steaks, sports bars, and spanish (?)/mexican on Northwest Hwy, just a block up from the train station.
      In Park Ridge, there are a number of places. Hay Carumba (mexican), a sushi place, a chinese place, an old style diner, Al's beefs (if your looking for a lunch). an Original Pancake house, a thai place.