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Apr 25, 2008 10:29 AM

Looking for a fish market in Brampton/Halton Hills

So my vegetarian husband says that he'll consider eating fish if it's wild and available through a local fish store, ie, not boxed president's choice. I've found wild salmon at the Apple Factory at Bovaird/Miss Rd. but I'm looking for a place to buy good sushi quality tuna and other types of fish. Really don't want to trek around to every place in the phone book. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Trout season opens this weekend in Southern Ontario. Do you know any fisherpeople? I'm hoping my fishing buddy and his son bring back a few to eat. Next weekend I hope to tag-along, take photos, and maybe catch a few of my own. You just can't find this kind of wild local food in stores, you have to get your hunter-gatherer persona out there and do it yourself. And all that fishing will make you hungry!

    1. For experimentation, Costco's fresh fish is almost always way fresher than the stinky supermarket seafood counters, Loblaws stores in Mississauga being the worst. Sushi grade tuna is scarce and pricey in your area. T&T in Mississauga isn't bad, nor is the NoFrills at Mavis+Eglinton.