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Aug 20, 2002 06:03 PM

OC Rec; Bluewater Grill or 21 Oceanfront

  • j

I'm looking for a romantic place near the water that serves fresh fish and features live music on a Friday night. I would love to see what people think of these two restaurants in the Newport Beach area as far as food, service, location, entertainment, ambiance, etc.

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  1. They are two totally different ambiances. The entertainment Friday at 21 Oceanfront is a piano player/singer who plays requests often and has a wide variety, many 70s-90s songs and a few renditions of Phantom songs. All ages love him and he has a subtle, yet close following. Very patron-friendly. No dance floor, but after a few glasses of wine, some try to dance between the bar tables. Some try to sing with him. Food and service quality there varies by the day and by the server. The location is not on the water, rather on the beach parking lot at the Newport Beach pier. Great sunset view.