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Apr 25, 2008 09:46 AM

Best steak tartare in SF?

I am a huge fan of steak tartare. I haven't had it yet in San Francisco. Who serves the best version in San Francisco proper?

Tableside mixing is a nice plus, but how it tastes is my primary concern.

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    1. The tartare at Bix is very classic and excellent. Also, the tartare at Epic Roasthouse is top notch.

      1. The antelope tartare at Maverick is delicious. But I too would be interested in a great version of steak tartare, not necessarily traditional preparation.

        1. Bix



          I just came home from Europe and had tartare in London, Barcelona, Lyon (at a Paul Bocuse establishment!) and Geneva and none of them compared to what I love and adore that Bix produces. I'm serious!

          1. Harris' has delicious tartare. My husband and I, often, go there and just sit at the bar for martinis and tartare. Yum!