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Apr 25, 2008 09:45 AM


Anyone know where to get Ontario grown garlic, everything in my local store is China grown.

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  1. Not sure this time of year. During the summer months, the farmers markets all sell local garlic.

    1. I sometimes find that great light purple garlic from either Mexico or the States--big, heavy heads as good as local.

      1. Local Ontario garlic is pretty much a farmers market / farm gate product. You won't often find it for retail sale in supermarkets or greengrocers. Buy it during the summer whenever you find it. At the end of the season buy up as much as you can because it will store well over the winter. Last year I got my final stock from 'The Farm' near Georgetown, a couple of minutes north of the 401 on Trafalgar Rd. and then west on 15th Sideroad to number 12399 It's a neat little vegetable farm tucked into the hills and folds of a river valley.
        There's more info and pics of the garlic and other Georgetown area food destinations here:

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          Thanks . . . I am a garlic lover . . glad to see this close to home. So there are indeed places to go out of Toronto.

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            Torontovore - How do you store your garlic over the winter?

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              I kept it in an unheated garage. No sprouting, no deterioration. Basically a root cellar I guess.

          2. At the Big Carrot, you can get garlic that isn't from China. It's from somewhere in South America, I just don't remember where. They also have some really nice Hawaiian ginger there.

            1. Loblaws was carrying some in the fall, but I don't think they have any now. I saw some at Meat on the Beach this afternoon.

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                The organic fruit market in Kensington, the name alludes me right now, has organic garlic from Argentina. While it's not quite as far as China, it's still carries a large carbon foot print. I believe that Loblaw at Yonge and Yonge Blvd. had Elephant Garlic that was either from Canada or the US the last time I was there.