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A Week in Vegas

My Fiance and I are going to Vegas to get married at the end of May. We will be staying at the Venetian and its our first time here. (We are there for about a week)

I am a huge foodie, but my fiance not so much. While we don't have unlimited funds we do have some money to spend there. These are they type for foods we love:

Anything local and amazing

We are looking for a good mixture of things and price ranges, from tasting menus to dives.

Any recommendations?

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  1. My picks:

    Sushi - Okada
    Steak - Craftsteak
    Burgers - Burger Bar ( DO NOT miss this place )
    Breakfasts/Brunch - Bouchon
    Cheeses - Fleur de Lys ( I had the best cheese plate ever at the end of dinner )
    Local - Rosemary's

    1. There is an In-N-Out burger there.. that place seems to have a cult following.

      I've eaten well in LV, and it has a very diverse selection of high end places by many well-known chefs, but its also pricier for equivalent food - you are paying in some sense for the whole experience. If you are living in an area with a limited selection of good restaurants, I can understand splurging, but don't drop $200 on the same sushi dinner that you can get at home for $150. Its not like Vegas has a lock on all the good ingredients, leaving the rest of us to eat the scraps.

      1. i also got married in vegas, year and a half ago bye elvis. toby kiefs at harrahs for burgers and pulled pork. country music fun casual not expensive
        fat burger on the strip
        i enjoyed the range also at harrahs for steaks.
        ill be in vegas on friday for a week ill up date list for you enjoy

        1. Great responses from all and I would add anything at the Wynn..next door
          I like Daniel Boulud's and its reasonably priced..Okada for sushi is the best.
          Binion's downtown if you want to see the other side of Vegas for the best $4.99 huge ham steak and eggs with hash browns and toast..
          Hugos Cellar at the 4 Queens.
          I like going to the Palms too..fun place and I hear that Alize is really good.
          Congrat's to you ksmitty!


          1. I am a huge foodie and a regular visitor to Vegas, so I could ramble on forever..LOL

            Sushi - Okada at Wynn
            Steak - N9NE at the Palms or Delmonico's (Emeril's place) at Venetian
            Burgers - Burger Bar at Mandalay Place
            Breakfast - Tableau at Wynn or Hash House A Go Go (Crazy Farm Food)
            BBQ - Lucille's at the District (next to Green Valley Ranch)

            High end best meal I ever had - Nob Hill at MGM Grand
            Someone told you Toby Keiths, I would pass on it. I tried it last trip and was very disappointed!!
            Lots of great new places at Palazzo at Venetian
            If you wanted to try something different - Russian at Red Square in Mandalay Bay (they have an actual bar made out of ice and instead of a wine list they have a vodka list)
            Stack at Mirage - great place to make a dinner out of drinks and apps (dont miss the hot rocks) it is a steamer tray filled with steaming hot rocks and you place thin slices of filet mignon on it and cook it on the rocks...very tasty!!

            1. I forgot one...if you want cheap good food...head over to Hard Rock and go to Mr. Luckys....ask for the $7.77 special (not on the menu) steak and shrimp

              1. I am very interested in your post and the response. My son, too, will be married at the Venetian in August. Just wondering, did you have a small reception or dinner after the ceremony and if so, where (if you don't mind my asking). I'm trying to narrow down restaurants at the Venetian for two dinner receptions. thank you.

                1. Thanks everyone! We are leaving in a few short weeks, so I will have lots to say when we get back! We are just going to get married when we get there, no solid plans. Thank you all, we can't wait to go eat now!

                  1. Sushi- Hyakumi (cesaer's) or the Grand Wok and Sushi Bar (MGM)
                    Steak- N9ne Steakhouse (Palms), Smith and Wollensky, also a chain but I have been once and I was impressed with this location
                    Burgers- Burger Bar (Mandalay Bay)
                    Breakfast/Brunch- Grand Lux (Venetion), it is a chain but for breakfast/brunch its a wonderful, low priced consistent restaurant.

                    Kokomo's (Mirage) has great lobster bisque with puff pastry, simple and delicious

                    For lunch try Carnegie Deli (Mirage)- great, huge corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, matzoh ball soup- they also serve breakfast

                    You should try to make one extensive dinner and go to Guy Savoy at Cesear's Palace... I have not been to the Guy Savoy in Las Vegas but I went to the one in Paris and it is my favorite meal I have ever had so I believe it is worth the visit to that restaurant.

                    1. Under the "local and amazing" category:

                      Hot & Juicy Crawfish on Spring Mountain just west of Chinatown.

                      1. The Tillerman was always WONDERFUL when I was there.

                        It has a great atmosphere, is not a part of the casinos, and the food was incredible.


                        1. Definitely go to Craft Steak and get the Kobe Beef dinner menu. It's about $120-130 per person and it will be one of the best dinners you have ever tasted! Have fun :)