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Apr 25, 2008 09:27 AM

Fuleen Seafood-- what to order

I picked up the take away menu last night just to peruse it and honestly, its pretty intimidating! Dry Seafood with Black Moss? Loofah and Bamboo Bit? Seafood Birds Nest? Hell, even "stewed eel" catches me off-guard, so would LOVE some tips.

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  1. I like every thing I've had there. I would certainly go for the geoduck sashimi at some point. If Doreen is there, she makes great recomendations

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    1. re: Caillerets

      Yes, I love the geoduck. If you order it, it will come in two ways -- sashmi and fried. They give you the tail raw but fry the belly. Both different but good.

    2. Seafood is their specialty, so I'd focus on that, and ask what they've got that's fresh that day. They're very good about making what you want, so if you're squeamish about stewed eel, for example, ask what else is fresh and good that can be prepared in, say, a ginger scallion sauce. Relax, and enjoy.

        1. crab harbor style, quail, pork belly with perserved vegetables, greens with tofu sauce, steamed whole fresh fish

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