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Apr 25, 2008 09:14 AM

Non-tourist place- lunch in Times Square

Hi, I have family friends coming into town and they want to meet for lunch on Saturday- problem is that they are staying in Times Square and dont want to go too far away from their hotel as they have to catch an early flight. Since I try not to go frequent this area, I dont know of any good non-touristy places to go around there. If anyone has any suggestions- slightly upscale/ American cusine prefered- Thanks!~

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  1. The West Bank Cafe, on 42nd and 9th, might be just right. It's slightly - but not seriously - upscale, has contemporary American cuisine, and excellent service (and is off the tourist track). As always in this area, reservations are advised (they're on Open Table).

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      There's a bunch of places behind times square on 9th ave and a bit north that would do the trick - look in the 44s and up

    2. DB Bistro
      Brasserie 44 (in Royalton Hotel)
      Blue Fin