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Apr 25, 2008 09:01 AM

inexpensive places not to miss

My husband and I will be visiting Montreal in May for two days and one night in May. What places in Montreal (we'll have a car) should we not miss. We love chicken, fries and anything special your city has to offer. We'd also like to bring bagels back to Cape Cod. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Inexpensive:

    Chicken: I'd go for Romados on Mt. Royal for Portuguese chicken; you can get it take-out and go sit in the park. Get some spicy oil for your fries! Also recommended: Roi du Plateau at Clark and (? Someone can help me out here?); serves great inexpensive filling chicken plates.
    Fries (or, more special yet) poutine: Patati Patata on St. Laurent, the 24-hour favourite Banquise on Mt. Royal, or even Frite Alors (several locations; they have a great selection of sauces)

    Some would say Schwartz' (smoked meat) should be on the list for inexpensive "not to be missed!"(St. Laurent)

    A little pricier, but brunch at Olive & Gourmando in Old Town is something I've been doing with my guests recently and I think it's worth it for not only the great food (yes, cubain panini, I'm talkin' 'bout you!) but the ambiance of the cafe just off the cobblestoned street.

    There are plenty of inexpensive food options in the city, and you can definitely bring some bagels (the debate rages on: St. Viateur vs. Fairmount) or some other baked goods back. When I visit family I usually am requested to bring some things from:
    Le Fromentier on Laurier (tarts, stuffed bread, great nutty baguettes)
    Patisserie Gascogne (my Mom is obsessed with their pecan tart)

    Also inexpensive - and warm-weather appropriate - icecream! Les Havres de Glace at Jean Talon Market, Meu Meu on St. Denis (my favourite, and thankfully also the closest to home for me!), Bilboquet (one in Outremont, one in Westmount...others?)

    Enjoy your visit!

    (apologies for my butchering of some of these spellings!)

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      Both Romados and Roi du Plateau are on Rachel, not Mont-Royal.

      Again La Banquise is also on Rachel and not on Mont-Royal. That being said, I agree with all of these reccos. For portuguese chicken, I'm partial to Portugalia on Rachel across the street from Roi du Plateau. For got and simple burgers, La Paryse il really nice (on Ontario near St-Denis).

      If you like food, a trek to Jean-Talon Market is advisable especially since the market is emerging from its winter quietness and getting back in full gear. Hävre aux glaces is an excellent suggestion for good quality ice cream. You can also grab a european hot-dog or a merguez sandwhich at the market where you'll find cheese shops, Marché des saveurs that sells Québec terroir products and plenty more.

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        Thanks for the correction! (at least I was consistent with my Further confirmation why no one ever trusts my directions :)

        Sorry for any confusion...

    2. Basha and/or Boustan for filling middle eastern fare.

      (bagel tip: slice and freeze them when you get home- they'll last for months double-bagged)

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        Boustan... definitely Boustan =D

      2. Ma'am Bolduc has incredible poutine for 9 dollars and change + tip.

        1. I'd have to strongly recommend lunch at Andalos Bakery in Ville St. Laurent.

          1. Hiya, here are some great threads to check out, full of unique, delicious and mostly inexpensive Montreal treats:

            Quintessential Montreal?

            Best of Montreal?

            Cheap and Delicious

            If you love chicken & fries, a must-visit is Chalet BBQ, a Montreal institution that's been around since the 1940s - and so have some of the waitresses (ba-dum-bum)...

            re: bagels - agree with the rec. to slice 'em & freeze 'em as soon as you get home. Also - try to buy your bring-home batch as close to departure time as possible.

            Enjoy your trip!