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Apr 25, 2008 08:33 AM

Greek Restaurants

My parents are coming in to town (so budget is not an issue) and my dad wants to go to a good Greek restaurant. Any suggestions? I live in midtown and will travel anywhere in Manhattan so location is flexible and price range is flexible (although I don't want to take him to a diner).

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  1. I like Periyali on W. 20th St. The service is a little quirky and it feels like you're eating in a country club, but I've always enjoyed the food. The grilled octopus app is excellent and they do fish and lamb very well (as should be expected--it's Greek). It's in the $20 entree range.

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      I second Periyali - and get the grilled octopus appetizer

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        I'm going to be dining here on Sunday. Any updates? Which lamb dish do you like best?

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          Fantastic Greek salad, grilled octopus and fish.


      2. Milos would be my choice...in midtown, 55th between 5th and 6th.

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          I like Milos too, although Anthos is good too on 52 Street bet. 5th & 6th too. Why don't you look at the menus of both and decide?

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            Another midtown choice would be Molyvos - it's a little on the upscale side (although I don't find the prices to be outrageous), and the food is a nice mix of traditional Greek dishes and more creative, updated things.

            I was also going to add that you should stay away from Metsovo at all costs, but I just discovered that it closed. Thank GOD! I've never had such a terrible meal at that price point in my life.

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            Milos is excellent but VERY expensive for Greek food.
            We go to Ethos on 3rd Ave which is also excellent but t bit more casual and less expensive.

          3. A little more casual- Ethos on 34th and 3rd is really good- not too expensive. Food is always fresh.

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              Ethos is our favorite Greek spot. The grilled whole fresh fish is exceptional, and all the mezzes -- cold and hot -- are delicious. But to be honest, when it's very busy, it's a zoo. No place to wait comfortably for your table, seating is quite tight (except for the booths along the right wall), and the noise level can get extremely high. When we contemplate having dinner there, we make it our business to go early before the crowds descend.


              1. I like Pylos, Snack Taverna, and Ethos in Manhattan.

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                  I'm a big fan of Pylos, highly recommend it.