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Apr 25, 2008 08:22 AM

Wisteria Cambridge updates?

Haven't seen a thread on Wisteria Cambridge since January, if search serves me well. Wondering if anyone has recent notable experiences there.

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  1. I have been about 4-5 times, all eating solo so haven't explored much beyond individual plates (no dumplings, soups, etc). The food has been quite good, but I have had several issues with getting the wrong plate (for takeout) and most recently I asked about 4 things on the lunch menu, all of which they were out of, until they had the 5th was available. (The lunch menu does have a huge array of choices for a restaurant of that size and some of them priced very inexpensively, but it was still sort of annoying). The best things I have had were along the lines of tripe and pig intestine. I prefer slightly the Mulan experience, but Wisteria is very convenient at times. They do deliver for a charge (good for Kendall folks) and provide a soup + app + small discount if you order 3 lunch plates together.

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      They also have the lunch plates on Saturday, which is nice. Only been once, was good.

    2. I've had take-out a couple of times. Each time I get the classic Beef Noodle Soup that Taiwan loves so much. I think Wisteria's is the best in Boston. Mulan should be ashamed that they don't even serve it.

      1. I've been ordering take-out regularly for a couple months. My favorites are: spicy string beans w/pork, yellow chive ravioli, spicy house special beef combo noodle soup, and peking noodle with spicy meat sauce. I've also found that they can really satisfy my Chinese junk-food craving better than other joints in that area. Really good pu pu platter and house fried rice.