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Aug 20, 2002 02:12 PM

Asakuma...any opinions?

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Just got a gift certificate to Asakuma....would appreciate comments on food, atmosphere, noise level and price. It seems pretty hoity toity to me but if the sushi is fresh, I'm all about it. Sake selection? Service?

Bark away hounds.....I'm listening.

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  1. Hi, TAG.

    I haven't been in about ten years so I can't comment on what the place is like now, but it might amuse some to know I was once a waiter at Asakuma -- the worst waiter that restaurant (or any other) has ever had. At the time, the food was quite good, far better than the service, and I very much enjoyed the staff dinners (we all conversed in a unique L.A. restaurant blend of Japanese, English, and Spanish) as well eating the occasional piece of sushi left on a diner's plate. My favorite item was the beef sashimi that the sushi chefs prepared when they had the proper cut of meat. It was curled into a flower, like for example yellowtail sashimi, and looked like a bloody red rose. Apparently they still make it on occasion.

    Other than that, I can tell you that Asakuma is part of a Japanese chain, and they now operate a couple sushi takeout and delivery places on the Westside. You might want to use your gift certificate to order in.

    1. The Asakuma on Wilshire and Barrington is very
      good in all your criteria...sushi, saki, and service.

      We recommend the Black Cod.