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Apr 25, 2008 08:21 AM


How is this place for dinner? Do tell....Thanks!

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  1. I prefer brunch or lunch there, but dinner is nice. This place has gotten a bad rap, but the food is fine and doesnt try too hard. I recommend any of the paninis and the calamri app is very good.

    1. Good for brunch. I've stayed away from dinner b/c of early poor reviews.

      1. I went there or dinner when it first opened, and we both loved our meal. If I remember correctly, I had some sort of chicken liver/crostini app and then pasta with sardines. When I went back the second time maybe 6 months later, though, I did not enjoy it as much. I had a different pasta dish (cannot remember what) that just didn't appeal to me. Both times, we had very good wine (again, cannot remember what). So I have not crossed it off my list, but I am a little wary of recommending it.

        1. Go for the scene, not the food. Dress well and you'll be treated better.