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Apr 25, 2008 08:16 AM

New idea in River North?

Hello All,

I'm going to the HoB on Saturday and I'm looking for a place for dinner before the show. I was hoping for something interesting/new and relatively casual. I've been to quite a few of the places before and am a little bored with my options. Any suggestions? (My friends want to go to Bin 36, but I think that's a little fancy for pre-comedy show...)

I've been to Rockit, Harry Caray's, Le Lan, Bin 36, Flatwater, Kamehachi, Aigre Doux, Pop's, Hop Haus, and Vong's. I was thinking Weber Grill, but will it be too touristy for my friends and I? Suggestions welcome.


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  1. Weber Grill is a national chain, so if you're looking for a place with some individuality and uniqueness to Chicago, it doesn't qualify...

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      Weberr Grill isn't exactly a national chain. Its based in Chicago (as is the Weber Grill company) and there are only four locations - three of which are in Chicagoland. So it really is a Chicago based concept, although its also kind of touristy and wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

      Have you considerred the Gage Inn? Styled like a British Pub, but a much more interesting menu than one would expect. Its a little pricey for what you get, but with a location across the street from Millenium Park that's not unexpected.

      1. re: wak

        Across the street from Millennium Park is hardly River North, which is what the OP requested.

        Since it's now Sunday, the day after your visit to HoB, mmilanam please let us know where you wound up and what you thought.

    2. Do not go to Weber Grill. I was there recently and had a terrible meal. It was very expensive, no atmosphere and the serve was sub-par.

      1. How about Quartino? Italian small plates. It's really loud inside, but the food and drinks are good and relatively inexpensive.

        A few other options:
        - Mambo Grill - really good Latin American food, great drinks, casual fun atmosphere.
        - A Mano - Italian owned by the same people as Bin 36. They have great happy hour deals on food at the bar (although I'm not sure that they have them on Saturday). The pizzas are good.
        - South Water Kitchen
        - Star of Siam - very casual, not particularly interesting, but quick and yummy Thai
        - Rock Bottom - another chain, but it sounds like it fits the vibe you are going for (casual, relaxed, unpretentious)
        - Ben Pao