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Apr 25, 2008 07:39 AM

Help! Can't locate Ecuadorian(?) recipes...[Moved from South America Board]

On a recent to trip to Ecuador, we had lots of great food including the following two dishes:
1. A roasted pork loin with a rich cinnamon/canela gravy (not cream based). The gravy had a very strong cinnamon flavor.
2. A beef dish labeled "goulash" in English. It was chopped braised beef in a green cream-based sauce with dill pickles, small onions, and green olives. An odd combiation and unusual color, but it was excellent!

I'm not sure if these dishes were inventions of these two chefs or if they are found elsewhere in South America. I've searched all over for recipes. If anyone has encountered these or has suggestions on places to look for recipes, I would really appreciate it!!!

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  1. Take a look at Laylita's blog:
    If she hasn't posted recipes like this, she might respond to a comment.

    I have not heard of either, but they don't surprise me. Cinnamon (canela) is popular flavor. For example 'miel de panela' (brown sugar syrup) may include cinnamon. There is also a cinnamon brown sugar drink (canelazo), often spiked with rum.

    Could you tell what the base was for the pork sauce? Was it pureed fruit? Or just the meat juices flavored with cinnamon?

    The use of green olives suggests more of a borrowing from Spain, than more traditional Ecuadorian dishes. Though judging from offerings in latino groceries, olives (acetuanas) are more popular in Peru.


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      A search of pork at Laylita's turns up a roast pork (pernil) that includes cinnamon in the rub.

      A web search on 'cerdo canela' (pork and cinnamon) turned up a number of hits. Most appeared to be a version of pork tenderloin with orange and cinnamon. The country of orgin is often unclear, though I'm guessing Spain. Some called for cooking in the Thermomix. Another was a youtube demo of Peruvian pork chops with cinnamon in the 'adobo' marinade (with piped mashed yuca).

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        Hi Paulj- Thanks very much for your help.I'll expand my searching to Peru and Spain...maybe try to recreate on my own. I love Laylita's blog!