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Brunch for Saturday

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I have a foodie friend coming into town this weekend.

What are the best brunch spots in the West Village / Greenwich Village Area?

Help please!

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  1. best brunch you'll ever eat: bubby's. it's in tribeca but it's worth the trek.

    village so-so brunches : cafe cluny and A.O.C.

      1. Little Owl has quite a fine brunch on weekends, if your friend likes down homey comfort food. (I like it better than their dinner menu.)

        For an entirely different feel, Balthazar has a very fancy (tasty) brunch, as well.

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          Ditto, and Little Owl is definitely less crowded and cramped for brunch than dinner.

          Balthazar is great, but has a higher price point. Pastis is kind of close to the WV being in the Meatpacking District but is not as good (by only a little bit).

        2. Clinton Street Baking Company. Get there early -- they don't take reservations.

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            That's in the LES though, and pretty far away from the West Village.

          2. good, Jane, Morandi, August, Deborah, Cornelia St. Cafe, Blue Ribbon Bakery, Extra Virgin, Spotted Pig

            1. The absolute best brunch in the Village is Perry St. Nothing else comes close.

              1. Aquagrill if you love seafood. Make sure you have reservation.