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East Glacier Park '08

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Having been a waiter for around six years at Serrano's, our little town's most popular restaurant, I naturally recommend stopping by. With fresh salsa daily, daily fried chips and margaritas to die for, it's a must! I won't go into the entrees...
But I have to tell you that this summer the Villager is under new ownership & you won't recognize it. It's been totally refurbished. The menu will be more along the lines of "Montana Fare," and assuredly of high quality. It will be a welcome addition to our area.
Speaking of additions: I can think of two defunct restaurant/bars in town that could badly use a new owner. So, if any savvy restauranteur wishes to add more delicious dishes to this gorgeous stretch of land, please look us up!!!

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  1. OOPS! Lordy! Sorry folks: I thought this shameless plug for my little burg didn't successfully get posted. Please forgive!!!