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Apr 25, 2008 07:13 AM

Wedding Venue and/or Caterer for Chinese/Western Fusion

I'm looking for a wedding venue in the GTA that can serve good (authentic) Chinese Wedding banquet food fused with Western food, OR a caterer that can do this and a venue that will allow me to bring in a caterer.

The wedding is for 200-225 people. I'm looking for true fusion of Chinese wedding banquet with Western/European wedding food - i.e. no stir fry stations and chicken balls.

I want people to walk away and say, "That was the best food I've had at a wedding."

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I went to a recent wedding for about 60 people at the Metropolitan Hotel. The Chinese chefs at Lai Wah Heen are right up there with the best in the city. And they do white folk food in their main floor cafe too. I'm not sure if they have a room for 200+ but I did leave that wedding saying "Wow!"

    1. La Rosa Grand Hall in Markham (Hwy 7/ Woodbine). The hall is a typical banquet hall, it is managed by and linked to an authentic Chinese restaurant (tier 2 out of 5). They also offer western style lunches in their restaurant, so might be able to accomodate some fusion. The food is consistently good since they've been operating for the past 10+ years.

      I've also been to weddings at other banquet hall and golf club, they allowed catering from authentic chinese restaurants.

      Are you looking for a western banquet with Chinese food, or the other way around?

      I went to Lai Wah Heen for a wedding (Chinese wedding), the food was ok and I believe there was 200 people.

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        Thanks for the response. I'll check out La Rosa and Lai Wah Heen, but I think Lai Wah Heen might get too pricey.

        I'm looking for a western banquet hall that can serve a wedding banquet of Chinese and Western fusion food. Like a meal that has some Chinese wedding "inspired" courses in the appetizers and mains. I hope that makes sense.

      2. I am having my wedding this year in August. I was in the exact same situation. Although we are both of chinese descent, I wanted something different a fusion of chinese/asian/western instead of the usual chinese fare (good but boring).

        Unfortunately there are not a lot of selection in the GTA, we were specifically focusing on golf courses and there were 2 that we found that could accomodate a customized menu that is a chinese/western fusion.

        Ours is at "The Club at Bond Head" golf course located in Bond Head, Ontario. This is a fabulous venue, Geoff the head chef was absolutely willing to work with us on a custom menu. We're still working through the menu so can't definitively say whether it will be great or not, but so far, the tastings have shown promise.

        The other venue we almost selected was Maple Downs Golf and Country Club. David Greaves, the GM there was a pleasure to deal with, and also a very nice golf club, they were also willing to do a custom chinese/western fusion menu. If you need to, you can email me a request for David's email address.

        Lastly, Mandarin golf and country club has served traditional chinese weddings, so they might be able to do a fusion, not sure. We didn't like the fact that anything larger than say 100 had to be outdoors in a tent.

        Good luck and congrats.

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        1. re: twgg

          Thanks twgg. I just noticed this post now, sorry for the late reply. I would love to hear how the wedding went.

          I've worked with Atlantis on a custom fusion menu and am leaning toward finalizing with them, but would be open to talking to other places first. It's not quite the Chinese/Western menu I wanted, it's more Asian/Western fusion.

          1. re: janel

            Hi janel,
            Did you end up booking with Atlantis? I am looking to book a Chinese wedding banquet there next year but cannot seem to find any reviews as to whether they're any good... am interested in hearing about your experience...

            1. re: banana88

              I did book with Atlantis, but am going with a Western menu. I did try to incorporate Chinese ingredients, but I was not impressed at the tasting, so I've changed the menu. I saw that they do offer Chinese food now, but it comes from an outside restaurant.

              1. re: janel

                Thanks for your reply, janel! Yes, they offering catering via Dragon Dynasty/Rovey Caterers. I hope your experience with Atlantis has been/was good? I am negotiating with them right now... My budget has gotten way out of hand :(

          2. re: twgg

            Hi Twgg,
            Hope the wedding went well. I am recently engaged and am quite interested in the top 2 venues you have mentioned. Would it be possible to send me David's email address?
            We hope to go take a look at a few venues later this month.