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Apr 25, 2008 07:12 AM

New and Different in Vegas

Going to Vegas for a couple of days in early May, we usually try to get in a dinner at Commander's Palace - our favorite place there - and try something new besides. Now Commander's is gone, and I am not sure where to go.

I am looking for something new and fun, not too expensive, with some good solid meat entrees and maybe something in a cajun/soul/new american style. Every fine dining place and steakhouse seems to have the same sort of menu, that's why I really liked Commander's, it was different.

We are staying at Bellagio but will have a car there, so we can go off strip if needed.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. rosemary's offstrip
    3 emeril's options: fish house at mgm, delmonico's at venetian, table 10 at palazzo.

    1. You could try the mixed grills at Rincon de Buenos Aires. This is a very casual restaurant that caters to locals. They also have some excellent empanadas. The prices are very reasonable. You should also check out Nora's Cuisine.

      Rincon De Buenos Aires
      5300 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89146

      Nora's Cuisine
      6020 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

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      1. re: Eric

        I asked this question a while back and it was never answered: Rincon de Buenos Aires IS still an Argentinian-style grilled meats place, right? I drive past there all the time and see a sign on the front that says something about pizzas and they have Italian food as well? I find it very confusing....may just have to go in for lunch sometime to be sure. Unfortunately, if I'm in that strip mall I'm usually headed to Cathay House to satisfy a dim sum craving....

        I second the recommendation for Nora's.

        1. re: janetofreno

          I'm traveling to Argentina in June and in my research I've found out that almost 20 million people in Argentina are of Italian natually pizza & pasta are quite common and found on most menus. I'm looking forward to great meals of Argentinian beef and red wine as well as what some people say is the best Italian food on this side of the Atlantic. I've enjoyed looking at the Chowhound South America board in preparation for my trip.

          1. re: janetofreno

            I was there recently and haven't gotten around to writing a trip report. But yes Rincon is still an Argentinian place. The mixed grills are great but I've found their doneness level a bit inconsistent.

            1. re: janetofreno

              Yes, Rincon de Buenos Aires has both a sit-down resto, and an Italian-feel deli, with lots of unique, imported stuff worth checking out. I just love this place, and the grilled meat BBQ? Allways a great big hit. The chimmichurri sauce is addictive, and oddly enough- the place does a really good french-fry!

              You have to try this place, you won't be dissappointed! Get a few of the home-made empenadas, the beef one is very good, as is the corn one. Every time I go there, I want to try something new, but the BBQ keeps me hooked. There are -quite- a few Italian dishes on the menu, my friend who's half-Argentinian says there is a very high Italian population/culture/descent in the country. Yerba Mate can be gotten there..As a tea-addict..I find it an aquired taste, unless it's got an additional flavor, like lemon or lime. Very earthy, alot more than tea.

              This place is fun, and the food is very good.

          2. Hey I am going to Argentina in June as well. let me know what you find out

            1. Actually, you're in luck... the chef who was at Commander's Palace is now at Louis' Las Vegas at Town Square (a new shopping venue out by the Fry's on the South Strip), doing what they call "low country cuisine." It's really solid. Louis' Las Vegas is the fine dining option, while right across the way, Louis' Fish Camp is more casual/bar atmosphere.