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Apr 25, 2008 06:17 AM

Wildwood BBQ

So I hear the new BR Guest restaurant opens on Park Ave South this weekend - how do you think it'll be since it's so close to Blue Smoke, etc?

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  1. I read that the guy who is tending the smokers at Wildwood is the one who tended them at Hill Country, so I have high hopes that Wildwood's 'cue will be excellent. But, of course, that remains to be seen.

    With the opening of Wildwood, there are now 5 bbq spots within shouting distance of one another. The others are Blue Smoke, Hill Country, RUB, and Dallas.

    Edited to make correction: Thanks for catching that, elecsheep9. :-)

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      You mean Blue Smoke, not Blue Hill, right?

      I just got an email about Wildwood from BR Guests last night. It does sound interesting and I hope it is good. Any addition of a good BBQ joint in this city is positive (except for my arteries and waistline).

      1. re: RGR

        Went last night and it was great, beefaficionado has it correct, I couldn't have described it better. I had the pulled pork, spare ribs, and brisket. The brisket was the best I've ever had, the pulled pork was one of the best, and the spare ribs were great, but not the best, could have used more rub or sauce. The cornbread was great as was the mac and cheese. The space is also nice, industrial chic I believe they call it but with enough unfinished wood that it doesn't look like a Chipotle. The tables for 2 were not spaced apart at all, very "cozy", and you needed a lot of patience to deal with the servers, they were eager to please but really had no idea what they were doing.
        It was definitely different enough from all the other bbq joints in the area to warrant a visit.

        1. re: GTopp

          @Gtopp: What's your estimate of the cost of a decently-sized meal for one?

          1. re: NYCinephile

            The half rack of spareribs or babybacks for $15 are good sized, and the 1 beef rib for $18 was big for a single rib, but even with a couple sides at another $6 apiece, I would not consider any of them a decently sized meal. Add on some pulled pork or brisket and you've got a big meal for another $9 and $11 respectively (pulled pork or brisket alone definitely do not add up to a meal). They do have 4 different combo meals that include 3 or 4 meats and 2 sides for about $21-$28, I don't remember seeing any of those in my area so I can’t comment on their size. It's not a cheap place, and I would prefer to order my meat by the pound like at Hillcountry so I can pick what I want since they do not allow substations, even if they are out of something. I would say plan on spending at least $30 per person unless you get one of the combo meals. I spent $58 for 2 people and we were pretty full. The menu is available on menupages

        2. re: RGR

          Big Lou did spend some time at Hill Country, but Robby Richter was the pit master. More importantly, Lou worked for Adam Perry Lang at Daisy Mae's. He has worked on championship bar-b-que teams with both of them, and I believe had his own too. I am sure it will be great.

          1. re: robinsilver

            Just got back- wow!!! So so good. Beef Ribs made me stop talking and swoon. Brisket was so juicy minus the ton of fat at Hill Country. Beans fav still goes to RUB but the pulled pork was pretty awesome as well.

            Super friendly bartenders, great space, fantastic beer and bourbon list.

            Glad I live nearby- awesome. Can't wait to go back.

            1. re: roze

              went yesterday....the short ribs are as good as it gets, as is the brisket. Less fatty than Hill Country's, but moist & smoky. The pulled pork was OK....did better in the homemade sauce. Prefer the 4-cheese mac 'n cheese at Hill Country. Wildwood is the rel deal.

            2. re: robinsilver

              But, what's even more important, since Lou will be overseeing all the Wildwoods that BRGuest plans to open around the country, is that our own backyardchef is tending the local pit.

              See you soon Matt.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. highly disappointed in this spot. brisket was cut thin like roast beef and very dry. ribs were inconsistent - some dry, some juicy. sides were disappointing (the potato salad, which came recommended, was just potatoes and mayo). atmosphere and service was very hokey.

              that said, the quality of the (dry) meat was very good. the bbq sauces are delicious. the bourbon/whiskey list was great.

              not sure if i'll be back or not. could've been an off night? who knows. went to tx last month and this is the first bbq i've had since coming back so maybe my expectations were too high. but the brisket - sacrilege!

              1. Dinosaur is still the best of this bunch for pulled pork, ribs & the brisket with some bark....but what really makes Dino better is the sides....

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