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Apr 25, 2008 05:44 AM

good value/great food near lincoln center

i'm taking the bf to the opera monday night. i'm looking for great food at a decent price near lincoln center. we usually hit rosa mexicana, as i love their 'ritas, but i don't think i can do mexican before a 3+ hour show. any type of food is okay, probably something more upscale, as we'll be tuxed. any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
thanks in advance,

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  1. Prix-fixe at Compass is a good deal. $35 for 3 courses.

    1. Check out this thread:
      I'll be going to Picholine before the philharmonic next week--my first time.

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        Picholine is wonderful but not inexpensive. Most of the restaurants in that area are fairly expensive, due to location I assume. When I want to eat cheap up there, I hit Ollie's, Empire Szechuan or the Westside Diner. I've been wanting to try Bar Boulud, but again, it's not cheap. I'm taking my parents to either Kefi (Greek, W. 79th St.) or Epices (Moroccan, W. 70th St.) pre-opera in a couple of weeks - both places are reasonably priced, but not exactly upscale - not sure if you'd fit in in tuxes or not! I didn't realize people still wore tuxes to the opera - and I'm an opera singer!