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Apr 25, 2008 05:27 AM

Fresh gourmet mushrooms & Crawfish in the RTP/Triangle area?

I moved here from ATL about a year ago and still haven't found a place to buy live crawfish or fresh exotic mushrooms (hedgehogs, black trumpets, chantrelles, morels, etc...) Any suggestions?

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  1. Contact the folks at the NC Crawfish Grower's Assoc. They should be able to direct you to someone that sells them. A road trip might be required.

    1. I've seen live crawfish at Grand Asia

      1. Caital Seafood on/off Lake Wheeler Road.

        1. I have seen morels, blue trumpet, chanterelle, lobster, at whole foods raleigh on wade ave. Ditto for live mud bugs at grand asia.

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            Spain Family Farms Grows unbelievable shitakes. You can find them at the Moore Square Market. I think.

            1. re: micajack

              Thanks guys! Looks like I'm headed to Raleigh this weekend!