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Apr 25, 2008 04:19 AM

Broken Salter Electronic Aquatronic Scale

Fellow Chowhounders, I need your help. I have a Salter Electronic Aquatronic Scale Model 3007 that I used daily until I inadvertently dropped something on it. Now all it gives me is an error reading (Err) when I turn it on. Can it be fixed or reset, or should I toss it and buy another? Any advice welcome.

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  1. Something similar happened to me. You have to send it to Illinois and they tell you it might take six weeks to repair it. That is, if they even agree to the repair since it wasn't caused by a manufacturing defect. I use mine nearly every day as well and just said the hell with it and bought a new one.

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    1. re: JoanN

      Me too - I have a different model, but it just died on me eventually, and replacing the batteries didn't help, so I bought a new one.

    2. Hey, thanks for your prompt, if discouraging responses. I was afraid that would be the type of reply I'd get. You'd think they'd make them a tad bit sturdier!

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        Sort of ironically, dropping the scale itself is probably less likely to cause serious damage. Dropping anything much over the scale's limit, or from a height, onto the weighing platform is the "best" way to permanently damage the relatively inexpensive pressure sensors home scales use. And you can buy a several home scales for the price of a lower end commecial scale...

      2. Same thing happened to mine after a year. I sent it back to Metro Kitchen and they sent me a new one. It has a ten-year warranty

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          Thanks. Is Metro Kitchen where you originally bought yours? I may just go out and buy a new scale. Any recommendations? Should I go for another Salter and be more careful? Thanks.

        2. Now my new one isn't working, but it looks to me like someone washed it and the batteries got wet. My husband's off to the hardware to see if new batteries will do the trick - I did ask him to blow dry the innards first!

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            We have a Soehenle, nothing is wrong with it but I was looking at an Escali on Thurs. It can weigh in lbs & 0z, g, and by measuring spoons and cups. So you think dropping something on it might be the way to the new one?

            1. re: Candy

              He he. Turned out all it needed was new batteries. Mine does to lbs/oz/kilos/grams, but not cups and spoons.