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Apr 25, 2008 02:25 AM

Best restaurant in Koreatown area?

I wanna eat some good hearty korean food.

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  1. Koreatown is huge and has a wide array of Korean food available. Do you want BBQ? Do you want noodles? Do you want a sojubang?

    My personal favorite style of Korean food is soondubu, to which I head to Sokongdong, but I think a lot of people prefer Beverly Soon Tofu across the street.

    There was a recent discussion of the high quality meat and banchan at Park's BBQ. Unless you want charcoal, to which I always head to Soot Bull Jeep.

    Kyochon is quite a popular fried chicken stop. I don't think the food at Dan Sung Sah is all that but the experience is worth it.

    (And arguably the best overall restaurant in Koreatown is probably Guelaguetza, but it's a Oaxacan place.)

    1. My overall fave in K-town is Sa Rit Gol. It justs tastes like good home cooking to me. They do a great black cod and daikon in spicy soy sauce. I love their mung bean pancakes, too. Plus, they always serve a generous selection of very good panchan.

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      1. re: trishyb

        their black cod is pretty good. the kbbq was pretty forgettable, and the rules were just asinine

        1. re: ns1

          Rules? Been there twice and never had any rules read to me.

          1. re: ns1

            what rules? i've eaten bbq there before and i don't think i ever received any rules...

            1. re: trishyb

              My searching fails me now, but I read about it on CH before going there. I thought I knew what was up, but I guess not.

              Their mastery of the english language is severely lacking compared to their mastery of food. The jist of it is, it's impossible to order a la carte kbbq. Order a combination or prepare to be perplexed.