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Aug 19, 2002 02:02 PM

Sol Y Azul Pasadena- a review

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Finally got a chance to try this place out, and it is a treat plus a great bargain. $5 corkage, nothing on the menu over $20 and a clean, stylish but warm atmosphere with good service. The lobster taquitos are hot and lightly crunchy accompanied by a smooth mango salsa, the carnitas melt in your mouth and must be cooked for days, and the grilled fish tacos actually come with a big fillet in each (you get two)- no cut up pieces here. Each entree comes with your choice of two side dishes (red rice, mexican rice, a choice of three kinds of beans, or salad) and the portions are hearty, not heart-attack! A huge space, which I hope fills with people so they will stay in business, and the prices are so reasonable that you wonder if they can. A rare Mexican joint that is actually as friendly to vegetarian or seafood only people as well as the meat lover.

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  1. where in Pasadena is Sol y Azul? I trust your judgement that it is good as I ate at Z Sushi and loved it!

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      Great! I am so glad you tried Z' really is a unique place. Sol Y Azul is technically on Colorado, next to Louise's, but it is further back- the front entrance is on Colorado but there is a hallway that takes you towards the back. The patio is in that alley/walkway which also houses Sorriso and that English pub I can't remember the name of......If you park in the parking structure on Raymond and Green, just exit to the alley and it is literally right there. Has many wooden tables with a cactus on each. Have fun!

      1. re: tokyoastrogirl

        This sounds like the the location of the old Merida Yucatan Restaurant?
        The CFO of my company went to Z's Sushi last night with picky husband and he flipped.. Of course he had to be new best friend with the sushi chef and everyone around him. I guess that's what a few Martini's can do for you.

        1. re: Diane

          Yes- that is the exact location.
          Glad to hear more people are going to Z' that you mention martinis, I forgot to add that Z's has a FULL bar....unlike most sushi places.