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Apr 25, 2008 12:37 AM

Vegas for breakfast

Hate to say it but leave the casinos and go to the Blueberry Hill Restaurants away from "The Strip". Family restaurant but good ingredients and wait staff that goes back a few years. That's BnF's take on it.

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  1. 2 suggestions...Tableau at the Wynn for the braised Kobe Beef short ribs atop a potato pancake, topped w/perfect scrambled eggs topped w/bernaise...OMG!!!

    Huevos Rancheros at the Verandah in the Four Seasons. It is the remedy for that hangover...or better yet, it is THE reason to get hungover!!!

    TYVM for the Blueberry Hill suggestion. I have been reading a bunch about it recently and look forward to trying it on the next pilgrimiage to the promiseland!

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    1. re: LVI

      Damn: when someone else was paying I have stayed at the Four Seasons a couple of times and really enjoyed the Verandah...but never thought to order Huevos Rancheros there. I like that place...just might have to go back.

      To the OP: Check out the Maple Tree on Spring Mountain just east of Jones. Pancakes and real maple syrup!

    2. Blueberry Hill is TOO expensive and the food is just OK, IMHO... the one near UNLV (flamingo/maryland) is alright if you are in a pinch. I prefer the Peppermill cafe near the riviera casino on the strip. oh, and if your in for a drive... try the cracked egg on south rainbow/215. good eats.:)

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      1. re: someyoungguyy

        Are you serious here? No really, you think Blueberyy Hill is "too expensive", yet like the Peppermill? That place is a pricey tourist-trap, nothing else. It used to be good, but hasen't been in quite a few years. BH is better than any chain-owned and operated place like IHOP or Denny's. ALOT better.

        You want expensive, yet great breakfasts? Origional Pankcake House. There's 3 here in LV, and they are all fantastic, but a bit pricey. (most items are ala carte, so it can add up when you get the works)

        BH is worth going to, Peppermill can be passed over. I don't like fighting tourists for my meals, thanks but no thanks.

        1. re: Honeychan

          I second the huevos at The Verandah!

          1. re: Honeychan

            Huevos is generally on the menu but if it isn't, just ask them and they will be happy to make. It's really worth going, just for them! And I agree about the Peppermill...TOTALLY over-rated!

        2. Definitely try Bouchon in the Venetian. Totally awesome food. Expensive and overrpriced as is typical of the strip but I feel it's worth it. The Bellagio 24 hour cafe is also good for breakfast. Huge portions!

          Off the strip, try Mimi's. I like the location out in Summerlin at Charleston and Fort Apache.

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          1. re: mrsmonroe

            Omelet House on Charleston just east of Rancho. Just 5 minutes from the Strip; excellent (and huge) breakfasts.

          2. I think the Maple Tree is just about the best of the coffee shop type places. They make great homefries. I have never been that happy at Blueberry Hill, seems ordinary and expensive. Original Pancake House is always great. Order the 49'er flapjacks for something really different. If you want go overboard try the lobster omelette at Bellagio!

            1. I like to make the drive out to Egg and I or Egg Works.

              Egg Works
              9355 W Flamingo Rd Ste 3, Las Vegas, NV 89147

              Egg & I
              4533 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102