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Apr 24, 2008 10:44 PM

Farmers Market Question

Can anyone tell me the best Farmer's Market on a Friday and Saturday?

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  1. Santa Monica has a stellar market every Saturday that is one of the best in the region.

    For Fridays, check the link below to see what's in your area:

    1. What part of the city are you in? In general the Santa Monica (3rd/Arizona) market is probably the best on Saturday in LA county; the Irvine/UCI one is the best in OC on Saturday.

      1. On Saturdays, the best overall in L.A. County is surely Santa Monica. If you're in the SGV, though, Pasadena is pretty good, without the 90 minutes of driving.

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          Also on Saturday AM is Alhambra, 1 block east of Main & Garfield. Very rich in local produce. South Pasadena, late Thursday afternoons, is one of my favorites, though quite small. It's split almost evenly now between fresh produce and prepared foods, with kettle corn and pupusas, rotisserie chicken, barbecued items, breads, bottled oils and French pastries. There's even a fresh-fish guy now, right next to the Korean man handing out samples of tofu and pickled daikon...

        2. If you are in the SGV I would add Monrovia to the Friday evening list.

          1. SM on saturday is great (Arizona and 3rd) but Hollywood on Sunday is pretty great too (Ivar). Just in case you have a spare sunday.