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Apr 24, 2008 09:20 PM

Need Montreal tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner

I'll be in Montreal next week at a conference at the Sheraton downtown and really want to make the most of food opportunities nearby. I'm looking for places that are moderate in price but great in terms of eating. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hiya, it would help a lot if you can be a little more specific about what you're looking for, as we have hundreds of restaurants that could potentially meet your criteria. What kinds of cuisine do you like best? Will you have a car, are you willing to take the metro? What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? What do you consider "moderate" in price? I'm sure you'll get more responses if you can narrow down things a bit. :-) Thanks!

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      I won't have a car but I would be willing to take the metro if I had to. The last time I was in Montreal (for one night five years ago), I had dinner at a restaurant called Brunoise which was really great. Places on that order - truly distinctive but not $100 a person - would be welcome. I've also been to Schwartz's for smoked meat and might go there again. I don't want to limit myself to one type of cuisine - I'm just looking for excellence in any category.

    2. So, there are a lot of general posts like this on the board, which is why there aren't tons of people jumping to answer you. Rather than rely on the opinions of whomever decides to favour you with a response, I'd definitely suggest looking up "best (insert food here)" on the Quebec board. You're apt to find a variety of quality results. That said, here's some general Montreal Chowhound info to get you started:

      -Schwartz's is generally considered the be all and end all of Montreal smoked meat.
      -People love places like Lemeac and L'express for quality French dining.
      -Au Pied du Cochon is a fancy Quebecois gastronomic experience not to be missed.
      -A lot of people are saying great things about the French fare at Au Cinquieme Peche.
      -Poutine at either Maam Bolduc or La Banquise is strongly advised.
      -There are great burgers at La Parysee.
      -There's a great $20 lunch special at a high end Greek place called Milos. They're known for their great seafood.
      -The best Indian food is in the strip of Jean Talon near Acadie metro, with a toss up between Bombay Mahal and Maison Indian Curry.
      -It's a toss up, but St. Viateur or Fairmount bagels are essential for every Montreal trip.
      -A lot of people swear by cheap and delicious thai food at a place called Bangkok in a food court called Le Faubourg.
      -Places like Globe, Buona Notte, Med and Cavalli are expensive and not worth it.
      -It's generally debatable whether there's quality Japanese or Mexican food in the city.

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        Thank you so much! Lots of great tips in here. Really appreciate it!

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          Excellent summary Killedwithkarate! We should post this somewhere permanent.

          One little addition: If you go to Lemeac after 10:00 pm, you get appetizer and main off a limited menu, as well as coffee/tea for $22. This is a great special! They have great wines too, by the glass or by the bottle. Plus, this place is so very Montreal....

        2. Do searches on Sheraton, "Bell Centre" (with the quotes) and downtown. You'll get lots of suggestions. The Au Cinquième Péché recco is a good one (the chef used to work at Brunoise).

          1. If you hop on the metro to the Sherbrooke station, pretty much right outside the door on St. Denis is a nice little breakfast place called Universel that opened semi-recently. You can get a side-splitting breakfast of eggs, choice of waffle/pancake/crepe (and they make excellent waffles!), choice of meat, toast (they have pumpernickel!), decent home-style potatoes, fresh fruit, cretons, baked beans and coffee for $10.95. They have great smoothies, their maple syrup is the real deal (for no extra charge!), and the booths are really comfortable. Just stumbled upon it a couple weeks ago and the missus and I have been going every Saturday morning since.

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              Speaking of which, is this place the same as universel on the corner of Cherrier and La Fontaine? I think they just moved.