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Apr 24, 2008 08:43 PM

Prospect Diner in Columbia, Lancaster County

Just a heads up. I saw that the Prospect Diner in Columbia, Lancaster County is being fixed up. It's the stainless steel one right off the Prospect Road exit of Route 30, on Route 462. Looks like it's being cleaned up but keeping that original 1950s Kullman feel. Looking forward to trying it out. I heard they should be opening mid-May. Would love to hear if someone gets a chance to get there before I do.

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  1. We tried it just last week and were impressed by the true diner menu accented by some upscale specials such as sweet vidalia onion quiche served with fresh Lancaster County tomatoes. Back again tonight for roast turkey with filling and gravy. All worth the drive from Lancaster downtown (20 minutes if you stay off of Route 30) Service is fast and friendly and the prices are right. Highly recommend.