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Apr 24, 2008 08:37 PM

taco time....

they are coming to vegas..... don't know if they will beat del taco or taco bell but was wondering if it's as bad as some fast food mexican can get.... also IMHO I like Jack in the Box's I have something to look forward too with Taco Time??? THX. :)

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  1. I have been eating Taco Time my whole life here in Western Washington. Taco Time is actually the name for two different companies doing business as TT. Confusing, I know. You are probably getting the TT that is not the same as my beloved WW TT. WW TT are well known for their emphasis on freshness and flavor. They are not a cheap FF chain ala Taco Hell. I totally love their Taco Salads and Soft Tacos. There is one near my house, and for about 20 bucks I can feed three people good fresh food fast. I too love JIB Tacos (had four for lunch one day this week), but it is a completely different...animal...from TT.

    1. I can't imagine anything NOT beating Taco Bell.

      1. We have a few Taco Time's here in LA. I tried it for the first time about a week ago, won't be going back. I ordered nachos. Somehow they were covered in what I guess was meant to be ranchero sauce. However, it tasted way too tomatoe-y and had no spice, more like the sauce from a can of spaghettie-o's than anything Mexican. The other ingredients seemed ok but that ruined it. Also, my overall impression of the other items I saw on the menu, I'd say this place might rate on par (barely) with Del Taco, and its below Taco Bell - way, way way below the better Mexican places (Baja Fresh, Chipolte, even La Salsa).

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          I agree with HLP - Taco Time is even worse than Taco Hell and Del Taco. The expression 'gag a maggot' comes to mind. What a waste of pricey real estate in El Segundo!