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Apr 24, 2008 08:12 PM

Medical Center, San Antonio

Just moved in and unpacked... I wish new towns came with a foodies guide, oh wait thats why I have chowhound!

Steer me in the right direction ch'ers! I am not picky, enjoy nicer "whole in the wall" joints to fine dining. Sushi, BBQ, steaks, American, tapas, French, real Italian (please no cheese and sauce drowned manicotti!), sandwich joints, seafood, microbrews and wine, Thai, bistro fare, and of course Mexican and Texmex!

Will try most anything, but for textural reasons I dislike mushrooms, my loss! Cheese is nearest and dearest to my heart, and I love good fresh produce, seafood, and meats to help me impress my hubbie when I cook at home (which is frequently!) He prefers grilling and mexican style cooking to knock my socks off!

So any restaruants you want to reccommend to me is appreciated. Close to medical center is fine, but we have no prob going downtown or anywhere that we can get to and back on 1 tank of gas, haha! Also would love to hear about farmers markets and any good butchers or fishmonger type places. Last but not least, which grocery do I go to? What exactly is the HEB?

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  1. I just left San Antonio for Dallas. After 31 years in SA I think I can reccommend a few restaurants. But beware, San Antonio is a chain restuarant town, plenty of Fridays, Chilijs and such (yuck), but (except for some great independently owned Mexican restaurants), a great lack of anything else.

    Anyway, here are my picks;

    Sampongs (Thai, Medical Center)
    Asia Kitchen (The Best Pad-Thai, Marback & 90)
    El Mirador (Fresh homemade soup on Saturdays before noon, downtown)
    Gulfo de Mexico (seafood, 2 locations)
    Piatas (Upscale, The Quarry area)
    Pisanos (Upscale Italian, 2 locations)
    Korean Rib House (The original on Ritterman)
    Goros Sushi (Happy hour M-F, 5-7, say Hi to Mike)
    Sandwhich de Paris (Medical Center, great crusty french bread)
    Bobs Smokehouse (The original, on Rigsby, also just S of downtown)
    BTW: The ONLY grocery choice is HEB!
    Central Market (HEB, Broadway, fesh sushi quality fish and much more)
    Aldos (THE choice for Italian in Medical Center area)
    Dry Dock (oysters, shrimp, Medical Center)
    Any Tacqueria on the West side with linoleium floors and picnic table seating)
    Guillermo's (pizza, subs, hwy 281)
    Florios Pizza (Broadway)
    Biga on The Banks (My favorite riverwalk upscale ($) dining)
    La Scala
    Don Pedros (Cabrito tacos, S.W. Military)

    Hope this helps.

    1. Hello --- welcome to our city,

      This topic thread may have the info you seek ( tons of recs... all kinds of foods):

      good luck & happy eating!

      1. I'm so sorry. Forgive me. I mis-read your question ----- Du-ooohhhh!!! I'm having a total Homer Simpson moment. I obviously need more coffee.

        Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new home. Although we are in Houston, we love to visit San Antonio... seems like a great town.

        1. Agree with most of bluesdaddy's suggestions, except Paesano's...too loud and too "manufactured". Piatti's now has a place in one of the hotels downtown, as well as a location in the Quarry. I don't live in SA, but take a group there for lunch on a monthly basis. The list below contains some of our favorites. We don't do chains (I'm in charge so I get to pick) and we don't do buffets. We've had hits and misses like everyone else, but overall, we're happy. SA is a great city with lots of good things to eat and scads of fun things to do.
          Sarika's Thai Medical center
          Grissini's Italian.... Quarry
          Aldaco's Mexican Sunset Station near downtown
          Azuca Latino South of downtown
          LeFritte Belgian/French South of downtown
          Silo American Cuisine......Loop 1604 and Old Austin Hwy.
          Bistro Vatel French Olmos Park area

          That said, there are a raft of restaurants opening or open in the Hwy281/Loop 1604 area...Meson, Bistro Thyme, Cafe Paladar are all worth a try...especially Bistro Thyme

          HEB is the only grocery in SA worth a flip......Central Mkt. is an upscale part of HEB

          Take Huebner to Bandera Rd. for Oriental markets, mainly "Tim's". There is a Latin/Mexican Market "Azeteca" , Southcross at Clark that gets noticed by our local newspaper foodies. The SA Express News "Taste" sections in the Wednesday edition is a good place to begin your quest for San Antonio eateries. Enjoy!!

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          1. re: amazinc

            I tried Sarika's Thai last night...
            I hate to bring bad news but it was horrible.
            My waiter was a moron - bringing me not one, but two filthy glasses for my water. I guess he didn't see fit to check the 2nd one after I complained the first time. Best he could do was mutter "Sorry 'bout that".
            The Vegetable Spring Rolls were frozen and then fried in oil that was too hot..causing the rolls to be way too brown and the insides internally combustable. Ten minutes of blowing and cooling made the edible.
            My special of jumbo curry shrimp sounded good. Nice spicy Red Curry with coconut milk, lemon grass and the usual yummy stuff...Well, shrimp were at least tender but the curry was completely flavorless and so much coconut milk was used for the sauce that I felt like I was eating a stick of fat. Oh, by the way, I didn't mention that it took longer to get this special than it did for 2 other tables to order and get their food. I saw one couple come in after me, order, receive their food and pay their check before I was served. Did my waiter check on what was up? No.....
            When the waiter asked what I thought, I said "very disappointing". I also told him that he needs to find another profession. I don't think he was bright enough to get it. I hope he doesn't breed.
            There are a lot of really good restaurants in SAT. Just not this one.

          2. This older thread mentions a few options near the Medical Center that might be of interest to you: