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Apr 24, 2008 07:48 PM

Saturday brunch in foggy bottom

Looking for a Saturday brunch spot to go to with my mom, and grandma on the day before GW's graduation. We'd have to eat around 10 or 10:30am to make an noon event in foggy bottom. Downtown and Arlington spots are options too, but Foggy Bottom is definitely preferable. Looking for somewhere cute, reasonable prices, and standard brunch foods. Any ideas?

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  1. Would Circle Bistro fit the bill? They are open then for breakfast?

    1. What about Hudson? I still haven't been since it changed from David Gregory, but my understanding is that they have the standard brunch fare.

      Hudson Restaurant & Lounge
      2030 M St NW # 1, Washington, DC 20036

      1. Ok... I cheated cause I was curious too. I went to the washingtonian website and did a search for weekend brunch in FB. It lists:

        Circle Bistro
        Dish (The River Inn)
        Blue Duck Tavern

        I've never had brunch at any of these though so I can't speak for if they are good. If you extend that search out to Georgetown and Dupont the list grows quite a bit more (by like 20+)

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          I think Blue Duck may be too pricey, in this case. Circle is the closest:

          And Georgetown really isn't far to wander down to. I would definitely recommend getting reservations --if possible-- though, since more folks will be in town in general for the graduation. I know Filomena's has a good brunch (Italian):

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            I have been to Blue Duck Tavern and Hudson for brunch. Neither are all that great. As good a reputation as Blue Duck has for dinner, it does not do brunch that well. Hudson was not bad but also not good.

          2. i would not recommend blue duck tavern. it is an excellent restaurant for dinner/lunch, but i don't think they've really figured out brunch yet. what about the roof of the kennedy center? The brunch set up there is FANTASTIC. great "occasion" spot. Also, the four seasons does a very nice brunch (pricey) and is located just down the road from the foggy bottom metro. The Fairmont, as well, does a yummy brunch.

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              I think the Fairmont only does brunch on Sundays.

            2. If you're going as far as Georgetown, Cafe LaRuche is very sweet and not at all expensive. It has outdoor seating, also.

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                Also Bistro Francais has a good 3 course brunch deal on Saturdays.