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Aug 18, 2002 09:04 PM

Challah in San Fernando Valley

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I'm looking for some great Challah. Bea's in Tarzana is really good but I don't want to go that far west. Can anyone recommend a bakery/store to get challah on Friday in Sherman Oaks/Studio City/North Hollywood/Van Nuys?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm assuming that Brown's Victory Bakery (Victory 1 block east of Coldwater Cyn.) is gone? There's a bakery on Devonshire (just west of Balboa opposite El Torito) in Granada Hills that makes some reference to Brown's in it's ads.

    Looks like the Neighborhood of Whitsett and Burbank
    might have a few places:

    A quick search of Bakers-Retail on shows:

    Eilat Bakery
    12522 Burbank Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA ZipCode
    Categories: Bakers-Retail

    Continental Kosher Bakery
    12419 Burbank Blvd
    North Hollywood, CA ZipCode
    Categories: Bakers-Retail

    Sam's Kosher Bakery & Doughnut
    12450 Burbank Blvd # H
    North Hollywood, CA
    Categories: Bakers-Retail

    "mmm, kosher donuts..."

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    1. re: JeffS

      The Granada Hills bakery referred to in the post above does indeed carry Brown's baked goods. Although the retail Brown's in North Hollywood is gone, I understand the family kept the wholesale side, and sells retail in the Devonshire shop as well. Brown's may have some ownership of the Devonshire shop; I can't accurately recall the information I heard. Having grown up on Brown's, I am happy to report one can still get a fix of some old favorites there, and I am hoping they will sotck Brown's incomparable golden raisin challah for the upcoming holidays.

      1. re: LBQT

        What is this bakery? Is it in the mall where the Denny's is next to the gas station on the corner? I never noticed one there.

        1. re: NeNePie

          NeNePie - Look at the date of the post you are responding to, almost 5 years ago. Yes Brown's WAS doing their whole/retail-ish baking out of that bakery in Granada Hills. But sadly the Brown family closed up shop soon after that post was written. And I think that the bakery they were sharing is also gone.

    2. Checked into it a little further. Brown's, also known as Brown's S & J Bakery, is at Devonshire and Balboa.

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      1. re: LBQT

        OK, maybe we need to make a trip out there after we visit Brents on Parthenia, or Abe's on Nordhoff.

        1. re: chino wayne

          Chino, Ok on the Brent's for sure but but dont visit Abe's. Its always been really bad. I cant understand why they are still in business.

      2. Try the Victor Benes bakery in any Gelson's for delicious challah. We're from New York and EXTREMELY fussy about challah. My husband swears this is his favorite challah ever. It's rather sweet and heavy on the egg yolks.

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        1. re: Susan

          We often get the Benes challah and it's quite good (not as good as my mom's, but that's on a totally different level). Members of my family also like Costco's challah, but I'm not as big a fan.

          1. re: Susan

            I second VB's Challah. A friend gives us a loaf every year as a gift. I doesn't last the day!

          2. If you do NOT require that your challah be kosher, try Whole Foods. We buy from the Sherman Oaks West store & it is amazing!

            1. Unique bakery, on ventura in the shopping center with blockbuster just east of reseda. Friday afternoon, ask for a hot one in a paper bag. To die for!!!