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Apr 24, 2008 07:21 PM

Maru Sushi and Yakitori in Arcadia review.

We just returned from dinner @ Maru Sushi and Yakitori in Arcadia. We were looking for a place to have yakitori. We're big fans of Yakitori-Ya on Sawtelle and Olympic. Unfortunately we will have to drive 20 miles across town to get our yakitori fix in W LA.

My husband said, "our cat can make better yakitori than the grill chef @ Maru."

The yakitori was oversalted, overcooked, even for my saltaholic husband. For the first time in my life, we had tough chicken thigh. We also had gizzard, heart, pork, which were all inedible.

Our sides included fried calamari, fried soft-shell crab, saboro chicken, and beef tongue which were decent. Saboro chicken was also too salty.

We had grilled rice ball, and the rice was mushy and mealy. Too much water in the rice. I'm Asian and have cooked rice my entire life. Our five year-old can make better rice with our electric rice cooker. It is truly a bad sign if an Asian restaurant can't manage to cook rice.

The service was wonderful-- very attentive and friendly waitresses. We were the only dine-in patrons for the entire hour that we were there on a Thursday evening. Maybe we should have taken the empty restaurant as a sign to stay away...

The sushi chef and waitresses were all ethnic Chinese and told us that the owner was Japanese. The grill and fry cooks were Latino guys. We didn't see any Japanese chefs in the restaurant.

We did not have any sushi there, and we will not go back.

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  1. This place is not good. For much better yakitori that's not too far away, try the new Shin Shen Gumi in Monterey Park on Atlantic.

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    1. re: WHills

      Thanks for the heads up on the new branch of SSG in MP. What else is good there? Do they have ramen?

      1. re: apfb

        There's a separate Shinsengumi location for ramen on Valley. The MP Shinsengumi has yakitori and shabu shabu.

        1. re: apfb

          Only yakatori and shabu shabu in MP location

      2. Hi apfb,

        Sorry to hear about your experience. I've passed by Maru many times and glancing in, I could tell that it was not an authentic Japanese Yakitori specialist. Here's my review of Shin Sen Gumi in Monterey Park.

        Definitely highly-recommended, and it's great to have some authentic Japanese food in the SG Valley. :)