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Apr 24, 2008 06:56 PM

Good Eats in Fells Point/Little Italy??

I will be in Baltimore for my second time this summer. I fell in love with Fells Point and Little Italy! Unfortunatly, I was not familiar with the area when I went. So, I stuck around the inner harbor....LAME I know. Can you give me some suggestions of places to eat all 3 meals....and maybe some snacks? Thanx!

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    1. Blue Moon in Fell's Point for breakfast. Mezze in Fell's Point for dinner.

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      1. re: hawaiigrl2003

        I heartily agree with Blue Moon! Huge, delicious biscuits. Fluffy omelets. Homemade preserves. Freshly brewed coffee. Yum!

        1. re: pmody

          I completely disagree with Blue Moon. I took 3 friends from out of town there the day before my wedding. After waiting for 30 minutes (which was expected) we had the worst server I've ever had. Over an hour after we ordered one of four dishes came out. It was eggs benedict with crab meat I believe. I was embarrassed by what they brought out. My friend from Washington State could tell that it was CANNED CRABMEAT. This is Baltimore. There is no excuse for having canned crabmeat on a dish like that.

          Then to top it off, the three other dishes still hadn't arrived after another 20 minutes. How long does it take to make a freaking omelette? I told the waitress to forget it, give us the check for the coffee and the benedict and we went to Whole Foods. I'll never set foot in that place again.

          1. re: hotel

            Agree with avoiding Blue Moon. I'm still not sure why this place gets so many kudos on the site? There are lots of places in the area that out-of-towners can enjoy a great breakfast with GOOD and FRIENDLY service. Mama's on the Half Shell has a great brunch if you want to try Canton, a different neighborhood. Waterfront, Red Star and Koopers in Fells also have breakfast/brunch. I've also heard Ale mary's has a brunch but have not tried it. If you love the atmosphere of Fells, go to Mezze or the new Meli on Thames for dinner. Or Peter's Inn! If your last visit was some time ago, you may also want to explore the new Harbor East area "between" Little Italy and Fells via Fleet/Aliceanna.

            1. re: hotel

              I love it. I do agree that canned crab meat is gross, and completely unacceptable. I usually stick to omelettes there, and I've always been very happy with what I've ordered. I've taken multiple out of towners there, and they've all raved about it.

              1. re: pmody

                I also didn't care for it. I went once and got a cheese omelette that was completely covered in greasy cheese to the point where it was hard to find the eggs, hash browns that had a strange, slick texture and also tasted mostly of grease, undercooked bacon and an ok biscuit.

                I've been in no hurry to return. I'm thinking their forte might be sugary stuff, which I don't care for.

          2. re: hawaiigrl2003

            I sort of liked the Blue Moon. The atmosphere was sort of cool - the old building and wood floor and all. The food was at least average+.

          3. Try La Tavola in Little Italy. Open for lunch & dinner. Yummy homemade pasta!

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            1. re: kelarry

              I second La Tavola. Ate lunch there and the bread basket alone was worth the trip! I had one of their fresh pastas and my mom had a bronzini with orange sauce. While the pasta was excellent, her fish was the winning entree.
              When in Little Italy, I'd skip Vacarros and opt for Piedrogotta. They just expanded and their new space is beautiful! Owners are brimming with pride and took me on a tour of their kitchen last time I came in. Excellent biscotti and cream puffs worth every last calorie!
              Have fun!

            2. In Fells Point for dinner, Henningers Tavern

              Dudas for great crab cakes and beer selection, the Waterfront Hotel for Brunch, the Cats Eye Pub for live music.

              Canton, next door to Fells Point has a great seafood place called Mamas on the Half Shell, open for lunch and dinner and breakfast on the weekends.

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