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Apr 24, 2008 06:49 PM

Red Room for first date??

Would the red room be a suitable place for a first date? What other places around college and spadina/college and bathurst would be okay for a first date??

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  1. If you just go a little further west of Bathurst on College Kalendar is a fantastic place for a date. Cozy, small tables, good for coffee and desserts and a killer patio.

    546 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B1, CA

    1. Probably not if you're hoping for a second date.

      The food there is dirt cheap, and it shows. Not that you need to find an expensive place for a first date, but someplace where the cheapness doesn't show up as loaded plates of crappy, greasy food would be better.

      1. I agree with both posters... a big NO! for the Red Room (if you're actually interested in the person you're dating).

        Kalendar is a good pick, inexpensive, nice food, cozy and even a bit romantic (without trying too hard). It was definitely my first thought.

        Also in that area, Supermarket might be OK (although they sometimes have events and it can feel clubby... perhaps better for a group).

        Or you could walk down to Baldwin Street (which is quite charming and romantic, especially when the weather is nice) and pick something with your date (lots of good options... I don't have a favourite).

        Please let us know where you end up.

        1. as much as i love red room, i think it is best enjoyed with a group of friends who are in a state where they don't mind bad service and mediocre food, but quite enjoy cheap pitchers.

          go with kalendar.

          1. Kalendar, hands down. The food is merely adequate, but it won't fail you; the atmosphere is perfect (a platonic evening ended up being a first - very successful - date!). Torito might be another option, though the tables might be a little close together for you to have that getting-to-know-you tete-a-tete. Here's a discusson of it:
            Break a leg!