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Apr 24, 2008 06:19 PM

Dinner after Angels Game

Philly hound travelling w/2 partners next week. Taking client to the Angels game next Wednesday night. Looking for place to eat after the game. Nothing crazy high end but nothing down and dirty either. A bar/restaurant serving American/Continental would probably be best. Thanks in advance.

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  1. If The Catch were still open, that would fit the bill perfectly. There's Mr. Stox, or you can head over to the Anaheim Gardenwalk and go to Roy's or McCormick and Schmick's Grill, or you can head east on Katella to J. T. Schmid's.

    1. the problem, of course, is that most places close by 10, and you can't expect the game to end before 9:40-9:45. Das Ubergeek's suggestions are good, but you should verify how late they serve food (you might have to leave the game a tad early. Ervin Santana's pitching on Wednesday, and he's done well against Oakland, so it could be a faster game that might be over by 9:30.

      1. Not sure of how late there open but J.T. Schmids is right around thee corner from the stadium. A brewpub with decent grub and a little better than average beer.

        1. After the game, a quick drive down State College to "the Block" will give you a few choices which may fit the bill. You'll find Cafe Tu Tu Tango there, which is a lively and fun tapas-style place with some not-to-crazy dishes if you need to stick to pub grub type of food. (website may be temporarily out of commission). There's also Alcatraz Brewing Co. for more buffalo wings/burger type fare. (

          Alcatraz Brewing Company
          Orange, CA, Orange, CA