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Apr 24, 2008 06:02 PM

izakaya in o'ahu

hi all.
I'd like some input on good izakaya's in Oahu.
Around and near Waikiki preferable. I can walk a lot, and I don't think it would be wise for me to drive after. :):):)

Also,,,,I love oden, so if these izakaya serve oden would be a plus,,,or just places that serve oden.

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  1. near the diamondhead end of waikiki, not too far up kapahulu is tokkuri-tei (sort of behind zippy's in a little strip mall). fantastic stuff...nice sushi and fun little bites, as well as a nicely stocked sake menu etc....i don;t recall them having oden, or know where a good one is....but everything that came out of the tokkuri-tei kitchen was more fun than i was expecting....for example, they make nori-chos....tempura nori acting a chips with diced tomatoes and avo with masago and greens, was really fun and tasty....their Spider poke was fanstastic - chunks of fried soft shell, hamachi, ahi, salmon roe, masago and this fanstastic dressing with microgreens...check it out, i can;t wait to go again

    1. have to agree w/ fatstern. ate at tokkuri-tei (off a small corner parking lot "anchored" by a papa john's). i was there about three weeks ago based on my friend's recommendation. he grew up in hawai'i, visits often, knows good food, and is ethnically japanese (does that matter for recommending japanese restaurants? who knows. maybe a little extra cred?). don't recall whether they had oden, but they had lots of options beyond sushi, sashimi, and tempura (all of which are fantastic!). make a reservation or go early unless you're okay waiting for quite some time in the parking lot. you cannot actually park in the lot for tokkuri-tei, but they have valet for $3. also, there is a dave's ice cream next door. bring the address w/ you cause this place is hard to find. it's front door is not on the street; it's off the papa john's corner parking lot. i hope you go. my husband and i literally thanked my friend scott out loud (even though he was 3000+ miles away at the time) for recommeding this place because it was so freaking yummy. extras: super friendly, helpful staff; extensive sake list -- they offered to pour me tastes of two they thought i might like. they did and i liked!

      1. If you're looking for oden in Honolulu, the place to go is Hakkei. It's located on Young Street close to Keeaumoku on the bottom floor of an office building. It's a small place so call for reservations and directions.

        1. try Izakaya Nonbei. It's on Kapahulu, is great, and they have oden.