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Apr 24, 2008 05:55 PM

Sunday Lunch in Baltimore Area

My parents are coming to meet my boyfriend and me for lunch either in Baltimore or north of it and they are driving two hours so i want to make it worth their while. Any suggestions on a good place to go for lunch on Sunday?

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  1. I LOVE Helen's Garden in Canton. Great atmosphere, staff, and great lunch.

    1. What does "worth their while" mean exactly? Do you want a fancier lunch place, or just a place (could be more casual) with food that will blow them away? Any restrictions or preferences?

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        a place with food that will blow them away and is inexpensive would be ideal. no restrictions or preferences, other than that my dad tries to stay away from carbs. this is the first time they are meeting my boyfriend so somewhere thats on the quieter side would be ideal if possible, but thats secondary to the quality of food. Thanks for taking the time and i look forward to hearing your suggestions!

      2. Miss Shirley's? It will be crowded but there are a ton of options for breakfast or lunch and the food has never disappointed anyone I've taken there to eat.

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          this place looks great. since it's so busy - do they rush you in and out? or can you take your time?

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            I have yet to feel rushed there and the servers have been very accommodating. Have been there around 10am on Saturday and 12ish and 2 on Sunday. I believe they close at 3pm.

        2. My go to Sunday place for lunch/brunch with out of town guests (including my mom) is Gertrude's at the BMA. John Shields is a famous Chesapeake chef with a local cooking show and many books so your parents might be familiar. If the weather is nice, insist on a table in the courtyard overlooking the sculpture garden.


          Another option:

          Dogwood in Hampden

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            Try Abacrombie for brunch. Sundried tomato infused vodka for the bloody marys, & never busy when I have been there. The atmosphere is really nice- white tablecloths. The menu has something for everyone, & they serve brunch from noon til 7pm.

          2. If you want to be slightly north of the city, Joey Chiu's Greenspring Station (off of Falls Road) has a nice champagne brunch. I believe the cost is $25/person but it includes unlimited mimosas or bloody marys and the buffet brunch. The brunch is a variety of seafood/sushi/chinese food/and traditional breakfast foods, as well as desserts.