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Apr 24, 2008 05:54 PM

Anyone been to Viva in Feasterville?

Some friends and I decided to try this place on Saturday night. The menu looks very interesting, but it seems a little high-concept for the far suburbs (maybe I'm prejudiced). Anyone have any actual experience with it?

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  1. My wife and I tried it once last year for happy hour during the week. The martinis were good and the tapas menu was half-price during happy hour. From our limited sampling, the food was quite good. Although Feasterville is hardly "the far suburbs" as it does border Northeast Philly, we, too, thought it was an interesting concept for the area. For decades the place was a bar. The current owner has not been able to fully get away (probably for financial reasons) from the bar aspect, resulting in sort of a mixed concept and the decor, for the most part, was not really in keeping with the new concept. Sorry I can't say more but I saw no one has responded and my limited experience might help.

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      Well, apparently I'm geographically challenged as well as prejudiced ;-} . I'm a Center City girl, and that's just not a direction I ever travel in. Thanks for the info.