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Dinah's Chicken in Glendale

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I live near Dinah's Chicken in Glendale...Never been there...how does it compare to KFC?

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  1. I've eaten at dinah's in culver city, but not in glendale. I think the chicken is better than kfc. I get the skinless chicken, and that's pretty good. dinah has a lot of breakfast treats like dutch oven pancakes, apple oven pancakes. not health food, but tastey if you're in the right mood.

    1. I've eaten at dinah's in culver city, but not in glendale. I think the chicken is better than kfc. I get the skinless chicken, and that's pretty good. dinah has a lot of breakfast treats like dutch oven pancakes, apple oven pancakes. not health food, but tastey if you're in the right mood.

      1. I've had Dinah's on several occasions.

        First, I must disclose a life-long aversion to fast food fried chicken. KFC, Popeye's, Church's, etc. all make me feel sick, smelling the food while walking by those places of business makes me feel nauseated. So first off, the fact that I've been to Dinah's, and then returned is a big vote in their direction.

        I've only been to the place in Glendale, and then only to get an order to go, although it looks like there are tables and waitstaff. The whole vibe is very Wisconsin/rural midwest to me.

        The fried chicken is good, and the staff is very accommodating for the inevitable substitutions (better half is obsessed with wings!), and they have always gotten our orders correct. We usually get some kind of dinner for two deal--six pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and cole slaw.

        I am not, in general, a cole slaw person, and Dinah's version has pineapple in it, making the whole thing rather sweet. I usually substitute the whole green bean salad, or the potato salad--although I feel silly getting an order of mashed potatoes with an order of potato salad. The biscuits are nothing special, but the mashed potatoes and gravy are fine, with the gravy not being too salty, a sore point with me.

        They serve mini pies, both fruit and creme. I tried one, but didn't care for it. They also serve shrimp, fish, and chicken livers and gizzards.

        I like Dinah's more than the chain versions because I feel the food tastes better, because they do not have a drive thru, and because the food tastes like it is prepared on premises. The only thing that KFC can supply me with is a chicken pot pie.

        1. I like it. Just know it is a little bit different than what you might call 'classic' Fried Chicken. I can't quite describe it. It is crispy, but in a much different way than, say, KFC. Their's is a family recipe. But even though I grew up on traditional southern fried chicken, I enjoy it and pick it up to go about once a month... and the single serving cream pies for dessert are amazing.

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            I tried this the other day for lunch and my first bite into the chicken was "wow! tastes like how I remember fried chicken when I was a kid!" The chicken really was that good, better than any chain chicken I've ever had. The whole place feels like a home, sometimes you need that kind of environment, eating fried chicken is one of them.

            Also, a 3 piece meal with two sides and a roll is under 7 dollars, I'm impressed!

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              Dinah's is the kind of place where you can still get fried chicken that tastes like its made by hand, not in some corporate factory somewhere.

              If you get take-out, don't put the bag on your car seats. You'll definitely have a stain from the grease by the time you get where you're going.

              That, and the fact that they do gizzards and livers, makes this my kind of old-school fried chicken.

              You can have KFC. yick.


          2. Haven't been there for years but it was always consistently tasty & fair-priced.

            The $5 off a $20 purchase coupon in the Burbank Leader/News Press every couple of weeks might be of interest to you.

            1. I am a huge fan of Dinah's and will often pick it up for the Hollywood Cemetery movie.

              The "take out" prices are really great - especially if you want fried chicken for a dinner party.

              Not sure if it's affiliated with the Dinah's in Culver City/Fox Hills. It's really just fried chicken.

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                What do you mean by Hollywood Cemetery Movie? Is that the name of a movie theatre?

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                  My good friend goes to the Hollywood Cemetery Movie. Every friday they set up a huge projector and screen at the cemetery and show a classic film. The line to get in can be up to few hours and there is now guarantee you get in. Most people do it up picnic style on the graves; you'll get the range of wannabe starlets wearing a mini skirt drinking a Cab to post collegiate aspiring screenwriters eating beef jerky and drinking pabst blue ribbon. I've been invited several times but don't see the appeal.

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                  I must ask, blacksab, what IS the Hollywood Cemetery movie?

                  I live near Dinah's, and eat there 2-3 times a year. Also eat at KFC 2-3 times a year. I love fried chicken, but it's a decadent indulgence, like fudge. I like KFC, but I like Dinah's old-fashioned home-style taste. I also like the chicken livers and such you don't find elsewhere. Bottom line: Try it, you'll like it, maybe you'll never go back, maybe you'll get hooked.

                  A while back I was waiting for a bus in MDR. I noticed a fancy-looking Dinah's just up the street. Then a young woman came and sat on the bench next to me; by her uniform, it was clear she worked at the Dinah's. I asked her if that one was related to the Glendale Dinah's. She said that the same family started them years ago, but they sold the MDR one and kept the Glendale one, which they still run. I believe the MDR Dinah's specialty is fancy pancakes; i can't vouch for their chicken.

                3. It's a blast - every Saturday night - and a great place to picnic. You can bring in ANYTHING you can carry. Beer, wine, Dinah's, Village Pizza, etc.

                  You're not eating on top of "the graves," BTW, but on the giant lawn near Johnny Ramone & the backside of Paramount. (Easy on the "wannabe starlets" and "aspiring screenwriters" thing: it's just a bunch of people watching a movie.)

                  Dinah's carries well, and has great prices for its "family-sized" specials.

                  1. Where is the Culver City Dinah's located?

                    The guy who set up the Hollywood Cemetary movie nights wanted the younger generation to get to know the old classic films and decided he needed to show the films in a "cool" location so they will come.

                    1. Way down on Supelveda (6521 S. Sepulveda)...not far from the Fox Hills Mall. On the way to LAX.

                      Dinah's Fried Chicken in Glendale is on San Fernando...just north/west of Los Feliz Blvd. Two seconds from Atwater.