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Apr 24, 2008 05:53 PM

Hard Knox Cafe (2nd location-Outer Richmond), SF - coming soon!

On there's a mention that Hard Knox Cafe will have a 2nd location in the Outer Richmond, SF. Off the corner of Clement & 26th. Maybe in 1-2 weeks?

Hope others can report back if they see it open & how the food is.

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  1. Hard Knox Cafe
    2448 Clement Street at 25th Avenue (or, is it 26th Ave. ?)

    here's the report in Asian Week:

    1. The outer richmond location has been opened for 2 weeks. It has two stories. Thus, the difficult park is finding parking, not a table. The ox tail was very tender in general, except for half of a piece was apparently dried out. the fried chicken tight i stole from my buddy was very juicy. The thin batter was flavorful and crispy. It was a very pleasant surprise. The only disappointment was the soggy green string bean.

      1. Just heard about the Richmond location yesterday, and tried it immediately for dinner last night. Parking was godawful (next time we'll walk as we live only a 1.5 miles away). The dining room is larger than it looks from the outside. We had a very short wait for a table for 3 at 7:30pm. Dinner began with corn muffins that were out of this world - very moist (cakey), sweet (like honey) and buttery. Entrees were reasonably priced and come with two sides. I had the 3-piece fried chicken ($10) w/mac & cheese and coleslaw. The batter was very light, crispy and tasty, but the chicken itself had clearly been on a diet and had almost no meat. Also the meat was a little pink for my taste. The mac & cheese was nice and creamy. Coleslaw was tasty - sweetened with lots of raisins, and light on mayo. My friend ordered the spicy chicken salad and enjoyed it. My SO ordered the fried chicken with yams, and said the yams were good but sweetened more than he had expected. All-in-all, good food not great. BUT, this is a really nice option to have for those nights when you don't want Asian food, but want to stay in the Richmond district. Next time, we'll try breakfast (they have grits).

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          (Sorry meant to reply to original post.)

          Went to Hard Knox last night. Was really hopeful that it would be adequate for a convenient soul food fix in the city but barring those fluffy corn muffins (they were damn cute), it was cafeteria food from start to finish ... and man, I really wanted it to not be. The service was fine, the portions good, the prices would have been great if what was on the plate didn't have me pining for an Old Country Buffet. I had the fried chicken (a wing, breast, and leg); the batter was unremarkable, the meat was indifferent if not a little bare as previously mentioned - not real moist, not infernally dry, but I would have gladly swapped my breast for a fresh juicy Safeway thigh. The macaroni & cheese was, well, abysmal as they say. It was as if they were trying to replicate what they thought grandma's mac looks like, and taste was a no-thought. Some kind of imitation Velveeta (real Velveeta would have been welcome) utilized strictly for the glooby gluey effects, because there was only texture there, no taste, seemed impervious to a quarter bottle of Crystal. Mashed potatoes were lukewarm (in defense, the chicken was freshly fried as it comes). The gravy was nondescript. My boyfriend had the smothered porkchops, some cruddy military-issue circles of pork product in more nondescript glop. Potato salad was awful.

          Had the Hard Knox Pale Ale, hoped for nothing, and for that reason it was ok.

          In conclusion: Popeye's on Divisadero is pretty excellent!

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            Hard Knox Cafe
            2448 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121